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I can confirm we are not at war with CG.
    in WAR Comment by Fenkas (GB1) 12.09.2016
Im on a break from the game for a few weeks, so im not logging in to look, but if his castles have vanished, his acc may have been deleted.
    in WAR Comment by Fenkas (GB1) 09.09.2016
  • Bloody hell this was a long time ago, but it feels like only a few months ago haha
You can't say something like that without showing screenshot evidence. Imo too much shit is drawn up by players to slander the "other side" - you can't say something like this without showing evidence. For all I care, without evidence, I could say mikeshot hit a burning castle of mine (now, he hasn't, but you get the…
This might seem slightly irrelevant, but i just want to say this for the record. "Ode to Joy" is from Beethoven's 9th symphony, and if I may so so myself (as I play the clarinet and have learnt many of the orchestral excerpts in this symphony... its a classic.
or screenshots could have been sent to that one account, but yh :) 
  • Imo this kind of discussion is irrelevant (I must admit, there was a time where I thought otherwise)... each top alliance have their own qualities, politics, differences etc... from a mathematician's viewpoint, how would you define "best"? That's something where opinion differs. I remember when everyone was so obsessed…
Nuttsy's account was sold on... its now in Prae lol
  • If you moved to Toe's account (I don't doubt it) who has the Hak account then?
Its possible if someone in bsk screenshotted it and sent it to him...
Nah mate, we are always top 10 :)
"Now for CG to declare on Praetorians"...... I get u r joking, but wtf lol
  • To be honest, both CG and BSK 75 have just come out of a war... during a war, they shouldn't be attempting to hit FI, nomads or whatever... they should be (and were) focusing on bashin' each other. Even after a war, they will be focusing on rebuilding, not hitting events. Imo both BSK and CG are excused.
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  • I hear the war has ended...
L9 shouldnt even me 20 mins...
  • Just want to add my point of view to this... I think there are valid points made throughout this thread. If it is true that Team Xtreme tool cleaned originally (which it appears is the case), you deserve what is happening to you. HOWEVER, IF CG did indeed hit a burning castle; they are also in the wrong. I also agree with…
Lol sorry about the tag pmsl
Hey... just want to apologize for the last 5 words in what I said. It was merely (and I emphasize this) what I was told, which isn't particularly reliable, given that both sides have their own point of view... while I used to love reading arguments on the forums, I find it has become stressful, so both @eagle20162 and…