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  • I really hope no one buys this crap.. i can only hope
  • now steve can you tell us who in this company is having these retarded ideas? now i'm forever stuck without getting max WTs because it costs double the rubies to get 20% WT bonuses .. but then again I have realized that no one will ever listen so i'll just move on 
  • http://prntscr.com/9eiahp 100 levels of ruby upgrade -- in 4 kingdoms. Unnecessary Reaching the nomad capital is impossible. more tower hits does not make this any more possible. But I don't mind what's impossible before being impossible now; nothing has changed really The event rewards are nice and I am excited to work…
  • berrimond has become terribly boring.. used to be an event where i would give all my time but now i couldn't care less what would happen in there.. bringing back the pvp aspect of this event is the best solution
  • Why take out capturing camps? This how we take out stronger players, get rid of their camps, now they, esepecially those who just buy them troops can just shoot away .. Can't expect us to hit them every second can you. That said other new things.. I will see how it turns out before commenting, all seems good though
  • So i was not imagining this? I only get 150 points for achievement
  • Actually it used to be that the less soldires used to capture an outpost, the lesser the fires but now it doesn't matter .. everything will be on fire even with minimum troops
  • http://prntscr.com/89cdhv this what i'm talking about.. See the button is grayed out for a few seconds before i can click it... I am saying i would rather have this feature than have a pop up button everytime i click it.. saved my rubies countless times so can't say i don't understand what you mean
  • If you log out then there is a higher chance of those troops leaving so just keep logged in and attack the fc found with higher numbers..
  • May work with idiots but not the smarter ones
  • There is already a small lag before u could push the x2 button for rubies.. I think that is a better feature than a huge pop up box coming every time.. when lagging you should just avoid double clicking because accidents
  • I don't think smart people will use ballast stone for mass attacks for reasons... Sometimes I use ballast stone to make my loot army slower so that the food is not wasted You can buy a coin version of the stone as well
  • It's evident that either gge does not give a S|-|l# about lag or they don't know the cause of this and cant fix it as they have said.. (reference to CM) every time the lag issue is told we would be told to clear cache, reset router, restart computer, format our hard disks, get a hardcore computer for playing only gge but…
  • What do you mean you don't get ruby tools and troops? there are tonnes of them in there.. bit expensive but what can we expect for 80 armourer tools or 40 demon horrors? Not to mention kg defeners. Lucky pennies are the best
  • Hmmmm ... yet to come to this at my server but i can see it comming soon.. the new bought attack power is just ridiculous (troops and comm) Perhaps you have not tasted a 90 late detect attack .. best you will get will be 5-7 minute warning .. I can tell you he was not exaggerating at all
  • Not sure if cheating or spending too much money.... ... .. . perhaps there are some exploitable places (all games do have this) but it certainly won't be as free as you'd think
  • Why is everyone complaining.. it says in the future there would be additions.. looks like people just want to complain about something all the time Yes you can wait till u max out ur bonuses or whatever until flag has some useful purpose, it's not something forced on you
  • Actually support can change your user name.. ask them
  • If you cant get BUY rubies then you can get that sword only in second offer.. the rest of the items are useless
  • mantlets are usually a pain to get their numbers up. If you are using it all over the place then of course you will have problems with it (for me atleast) now once you have as much maxed towers as you'd like in outer kingdoms, then you can focus everything on GE to make things easier. Mantlets are expensive so i usually…