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  • Game went to sh!t several years back and doesn't sound like it has gotten any better so I guess no reason to start playing again. Maybe have FL start massing people again, give better FL targets and awards, ect. You used to get at least what you put into an attack in awards along with good glory before. Now, well a few…
  • Actually surprised NBK (yemil. yoni and darla d!pshit ) haven't massed me after my other comment. As I said before, I don't give in to anybody especially the politically correct.
  • This forum is really hard to figure out after half a bottle of vodka.
  • You know, looking at those names .....sounds like a circus act.....or the three stooges maybe? Idk,, anyways, that's what comes to mind.
  • Yemil. Yoni and darla dipsh!t are still pouting over NF kicking their @sses thru most of Storm what? 5 months ago?? No matter what they did they just couldn't even keep half the points we had. Sending Golemi after us in every kingdom, capping and dropping rv's. islands, ops, ...LOL...they even had a spy in our alliance…
  • Talk about pests. What about these low lifes whose main purpose in the game is to cap and drop rv's 24/7 and GGE has no early warning that I know about in order to defend these rv's. Getting boring chasing rv's every day. You cannot destroy them. You can wipe out all 50 of their troops but only takes a little while to…
  • The poster is 100% correct. My alliance used to get 1500, 3000, 6000 troop strength targets. Now the most we usually get is 4 or 500. Something did change and it wasnt for the better. Half the time I don't even bother any more...too boring.
    in fls Comment by Drago77 (US1) 01.04.2018
Yeah, so nice that you