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  • Thank you for the clarification
  • Are the alliance awards for saved aqua accumulative or is the alliance only awarded the one for the amount of aqua they have built into the boats ?
  • It's a shame that 99 percent of targets are all between 500-600 defenders, another way that GGE forces us to spend hard earned tokens and rubies to dethrone and gain another couple hundred defenders to gain a wee bit more glory.... DISGUSTING to say the least.
  • I was an L70/610 when this KL round began and there is no sign of sceats available as rewards for Kingdom Title promotions. I have seen several screen shots from other players and they have the sceats available as rewards on theirs. AM I as well as others getting SCREWED over...once again.
  • Level 600 players....you have been lied to...no sceats are available from the KL for our level......maybe GGE should look back and see whom should have gotten sceats being 70/600 players and compensate / issue the missing sceats.
  • GGE how about extending the castle walls so we can have some space to eventually down the road to possibly build the NEW buildings needed for upgrading our storehouse, Keep and so forth
  • The hospital is just another cash cow for GGE, check it out, it costs you more to heal one troop than to make that same troop in the barracks, ALSO it takes longer to heal.
  • I agree that it is totally pathetic that GGE has made the events into cash cows for theirselves. It is also VERY VERY wrong that much higher levels can attack every little guy out there, making it impossible for the little guy to even keep troops to hit even one rbc. But on that same note even in the regular realms it…
  • Go to the forum obviously and check your profile, there you will see when you created your account, the day when you actually signed up and started building
  • I notice that the Kingdom League is not active since the updates, so every ones hard work in attaining points that could be used towards the new sceats is a total loss as well as a let down... compensation ???????
  • Kudos to GGE for finally moving the special offers off the middle of my screen so I can at least see something without having to move my map (screen) constantly..... Now please turn up your hearing aids just a wee bit more, listen to the players all this special offer JUNK mail is very very annoying when we now have a…
  • This paying a minimum of 80k coins or 1500 rubies just to use alliance smitty to complete dailies
  • 2nd biotch point...80k coin to the alliance smitty just to complete our dailies, come on, at least give us a choice of a cheaper alternative, right now the alternative is 1800 rubies, greedy greedy GREEDY!!!
  • GGE you've done it again, took something that was useable and viable and screwed it up, now in order to check mail or battle reports we have to open the Royal Depot and again click to open up the messages, dumb move when some days even a few seconds can be detrimental, communication is a MUST between players and you simply…
  • The same happened to me, said I had completed the daily quests but I never received my 100 rubies.
  • I would like to see that any PO items placed into storage could be made use of in any other castle, since they were either bought by us or awarded to us I feel it only fair that one should be able to re-assign the PO item to any other owned castles in any realm.
  • For those of us that upgrade decorations, why not make the old decorations available to be used in our other castles (or even sell them), after all we have already paid for them and now they sit dormant. Another great plus would be to expand our main castles, you want us to build these fancy new buildings etc but where do…