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  • "Tracking players via their "device ID" which is called a MAC address is not allowed through a browser, you would have to download a program and then give it access to PC hardware information... and I doubt people are really going to allow GGS to collect their data like that. " IS there any actual reason this is still a…
  • When 80% of the players can't even leave defense in their castles what is the motivation for the 20% to spend money? To outbid each other? Letting us survive 3-4 repeated attacks must be better business than getting wiped in one super-attack. The punishment for defending has become too extreme. The attackers only seem to…
  • The reason is posted on the company website, and has been for years. "DATA BEATS OPINION'-data based decision making" The problem with relying on data scientists is they NEVER understand or CARE about WHY. All they want is their data, which always can be twisted to make them a success. They think we love to play an endless…
  • Terrible. I am simply not going to play with all of that on my screen.
  • Well that explains it. A Yahoo thing. They don't get sent to the spam filter or anything like that. It doesn't give me an option to enter an email address, that is the one already linked to my account.
  • Over the years I tried at least 5 times. And again tonight. TBH I am not too worried about it. Just pointing out that the system isn't 100% functional.
  • I've been waiting 3-4 years for the newsletter verification email. I'm sure it will be there one day.
  • The ads are completely useless because they have no sound. Your advertisers need to do a better job of visually communicating what their products are.
  • Also, if you wait for it to reset, the setup does not match the spy report so losses are high. edit: if you keep spying it the setup is changing constantly. the battle report losses don't even match the attack I send.
  • ..To avoid this try to stay logged in. That is very amusing. Mine are being reset often but I really don't mind.
  • It's fairly obvious to me now the problem is keeping this as a browser game.That was probably a good idea 20 years ago. But it shouldn't take more than a few days to make it into a downloadable version. Then all players would be running it exactly the same. The difference in browsers is quite ridiculous. Beyond that, there…
  • I downloaded Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 and it is a definite improvement over Google Chrome. Not sure if I have the chromium plugin, I downloaded Edge directly from Microsoft and didn't use the link in the FAQ.
  • So what is the point in moving other lands to html and leaving green? Either you are confident in it or not.
  • Can GGE possibly send a player survey to ask about HTML performance? I have seen quite a few complaints about disconnections and other issues on the lands that are restricted to HTML only now. It is not quite that bad for me, but if the entire game switches I'm not sure I would enjoy playing anymore. And some might not be…
  • For me the game runs great on internet explorer with flash. Very smooth. Fast loading. Although some of the features have a delay. Like changing build items or equipment pieces. The only reason I use IE or flash is to play this game. Internet explorer with HTML is laggy. Loads slowly for everything. And is generally no…
  • I'm glad to see they are actually working on it, despite the failure of the previous update promise to reduce popups. And seeing that it has been about 2 months since I complained about this gives me an instant headache. It CAN'T be that difficult.
  • "Is there a time frame that we will need to convert our Apprentice tokens to Gold pieces? Will we loose them if we don't?.>Not really, for now it is an option. At some point in the future, after a month or two I am not sure to be honest, it will be done automatically." _________________________________________ I am…
  • I've also got them stacked 4 high in the middle. I am trying but this game is basically unplayable now.
  • This problem seems to have been fixed. I can place the troops and tools now, and the smithy price is correct again.
  • I have this and also a display error on the alliance smithy. It shows 5/10k coins to make an item but it takes the normal 80/120k.