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  • 20 :S this will take 1 000 000 yers to finish
  • you find the relic in your storage
  • I have a growing alliance with strong members and ruby players in it we are planning to capture a capital our alliance name is Black Diamond in international 1 for more information contact Leader:Infoboy or Co Leader Dexter2587
  • i have lost over 300 troops and in return i get a 24 hour discount on rubies for half price that is dirt compare to all the coins and rubies i have spent on those men
  • i have lost over 200 troops from sending men out and they don't return please someone do something or i shall quit this game i am very dissapointed in it i have bought over 10 000 rubies which is alot of money and in return i lose over 200 troops
  • i lost 100 defenders while sending them from my outpost to my castle and lost over 150+ troops returning back from a succesful attack
  • i had 136 attacking men returning from a attack and they dissapeared and i sent 78 men to my main castle and they dissapeared as well i want my men back asap if you dont i will tell people to stop playing goodgame empire i am frustrated and tired of waiting so please just make up my men in someway Posts merged due to…