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  • So this young lad just so happened to be the cultist's great nephew and currently on his 20th birthday when discovering the old pages had a grandmother that was the cultist's older sister who had a son and she later on passed away from old age as well like her younger brother. This son was the father of the lad, but the…
  • 275-Lion -5 270-Tiger 115-Cheetah +5
  • 285-Lion -5 265-Tiger 110-Cheetah +5
Because, what about the pvp aspect of the game that involves real players hitting your main castle? Also, taunting Kahn in a way kind of replaces the need for defending against Foreigners and Bloodcrows.
  • Lets be honest. I do not think that Goodgame Studios really cares about the Samurai Invasion anymore. Perhaps that is why the Samurai Invasion being only once a month has been repeated twice which in theory might be because of the private rvs being added into the game. I would be fine if the Samurai Invasion appeared only…
  • The cast looks strong, but also a war game as well. Even a strong castle may fall during big wars. And so, that does not necessarily make them invincible during a time of war. Big wars can also include up to 50-100 horns or possibly even more at one time, snipes, spending a lot of gold coins defending or attacking in outer…
  • Who needs a US2 server? Might as well rename it a Canadian Server and that has not happened yet.
But most likely less players in general than International 2. Why go to that server even if it has the smallest number of ruby buyers? A mini server and especially in comparison to International 2. But, yes in general even that server will have at least a few players who will buy rubies with real money.
Good point. Freebies can also be potential buyers, but the problem is if ruby buying was not an option on International 3 and a player decides "Hey, I am really starting to like this game". Does that mean the player then has to quit International 3 just so that way they can join International 1 or 2 to spend real…
  • I do not like the idea of being forced to use tablets/tokens. Need them for monthly events. A lot of important stuff is needed as well from tablets and tokens while the only thing that you really need eventually at some point with medals is "Goddess of Nature" and that is of course assuming as well that one can go higher…
I had already mentioned the public order and extra food storage earlier from another comment, but my point is that if you can level the building decoration up at least a few times because of the fact you can also use a base food build item on the building it helps makes up for the extra space besides the might points…
  • Treat here reading easy and done. Long
Your right. They can be embedded as well and I had to double check. So, 196+99=295 food and 284+99=383 food. That is a huge boost in food supply and especially at level 12. However, my point remains that it is twice as big as a granary as well in size. And so really at level 1 the building has 18 more base food when…
You forgot about the level 14 base food. When you do the math 277-178=99 which is from a level 14 base food. It is not an improvement when you combine the 178 and 99 base for together which adds up to 277. Also, it is not too hard to get level 14 base food build items either. Just hit a bunch of shapeshifter totems on…
Level 1 starts off at 196, but a level 30 granary with level 14 base is 277. That is a big difference in food which is about 81! My food supply did go up a lot when I leveled up the building to level 12 which turned out to be 281 food at that level, but my food supply actually dropped significantly when I started off…
Some players already have a level 30 granary with level 14 base equipped as well. A player needs to get enough tokens as well so that way the Relic Greenhouse supplies more food than even a level 30 granary at 100% with level 14 base food which for me it was not until reaching level 12. Especially since the building…
  • I like the concept of "Blitzkrieg" which I believe that this was not only intended by Germany in World War 2, but also the United States as well which it is interesting to take note that when the United States and England invade Normandy on the 6th of June 1944 Germany falls less than a year later along with the help of…
Kingdom's League I think is also supposed to reward tokens as well which are based on the Great Empire if I am not mistaken on the main server instead of Outer Realms. As for Outer Realms if you want to do really well then spend lots of money on the event combined with activity in the event as well in addition to…
Some people may own monuments and labs just simply for stationing troops instead of actually leveling them up, but I do agree though that one player only really needs one monument/lab per kingdom. The problem with a player owning more than one lab/monument per kingdom is that any extras are only good for going to…
Old subject buddy which was originally about the "Great Tournament" which has gone extinct from the game which some players know very little about that event if anything unfortunately despite the fact that achievement points for it still appear and the Shapeshifter event, but in general it would appear to be that now…