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  • (Quote) Well we do have some common sense. ;)
  • 6 Sorry but it's just a turtle. Maybe you could add some effects.
  • Wow let's just make a lot of events for free rubies. Let's make the GGS bankrupt. JK I doubt that they will even consider viewing this idea. I agree that it isn't a big reward but be happy that they gave us at least something. Now you have a chance …
  • I have only once bothered to complete the travelling knight quest and it was really boring. I hope that this update gives like an adventure map to complete rather than just making you attack castles with hope that you will get something. Lucky thin…
  • (Quote) Or general if you are only a member. The leader can promote from member to leader ranks a general can move from member to sergant rank. Hope this helped. ^^
  • 5/10 Just a ball. :/
  • (Quote) The option is where the wall upgrades once were.
    in Moats Comment by Darkbyte 25.06.2012
  • Long time I posted on this forum. I am enjoying my vacantion and really don't have time to be active XD anyway the next person will be svetosavnasila
  • The idea has pontential. Maybe the bounty hunter could be NPC castles and they could attack the person just like shadow armies but the opponent will see who paid them. But, if implemented, the bounty hunters will be rubie bought or coins+ resourses.
  • 7.............................
  • (Image) Joking aside a lot of people use defensive soldiers for attack. But I believe that these basic rules are the best for rookies who just started playing the game. Might I suggest removing the heavy crossbowmen and all other advanced attacker…
    in Attacking Comment by Darkbyte 13.06.2012
  • There is something like that> http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?17846-Resources-exchange-thread&p=172807#top It would be nice if it was in-game though.
  • nope Next is well Dusan0072
  • (Quote) Sent by one of our alliance member.
  • We already have veteran soldiers. I don't think that we need this too. But this could be good for low level players.
  • The game has already too many unfairness in it. By giving special ranks to people they will always choose the one with the most powerful warriors. Who cares about looting or speed? No one. What's the point of loot if you are just patient? What's the…
  • Those are all nice ideas but some of them could be abused. 1st one is OK but I don't think giving away troops will be better as it would promote reqruting far away people so you will have a better reach. The point of an alliance is the support. You …
  • Well in the beginning I thought that this update will be the best ever but it seems that I was wrong. There are several reasons to my opinion. So let's start. 1st Well the lack of recourses is one of the problems in the new world. The developer clai…
  • But the problem is not in taking away the villages themselves rather than conciquesnces by stealing them. Unfortunately for me I am near the strongest player on my server. And he controls almost every food village in my area. The rest villages are c…
  • people. No off topic posting. Just counting.