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  • I have no comment, guess time to find another game, this is gotten totally outta hand. Wish ya'll the best Thank you for messing up the little free time I had DM
  • If u don’t like.  Don’t play it.  It is a waste with no benefit.  Bugs or no.   Just waste of time and troop tie up for a couple of hours.  Get more outta hitting RBs
  • Good points.  Not sure the answers.  Yes this game is becoming boring.   Once at a certain levels it gets tough to move up.  I have a choice.  Continue or quit.   I never realized just how bad this game’s reputation really is.  I hear I used to play…
  • Why are so many ppl wanting short cuts?  Look this isn’t a video game.  It is a strategy game.  Sorry but it is what it is. 
  • Like the point about free.  Too many want something for nothing.   I spent a bit on rubies but lots of work and calculating.  It is a reward for moving up.  Too many crying because they have to spend time and develop their stuff.  This is a long ter…
  • Not sure what there is to really win.  Play for fun.  Try to challenge self.  I know not gonna win.  So I just play and do my best. 
  • Never got to be involved in this.  Started as it ended.  But sounds like fun.  Look this game is much about math and teamwork.  Hey wanna do well.  Align ur self in a good alliance.   As with everything it takes time.  Everyone is concerned about th…
  • Wow.   I buy a little bit every month cuz they need money so YOU can complain about this game.  If it weren’t for ppl like me and others there would be no game.   My daughter is a non ruby player and it harder for her.  But again if she doesn’t like…
  • I sit here and read these comments.  Let me ask you this.  How is a company to pay its people.   Pay for its servers so you can play?   Where is this supposed to come from?   I have seen this game get smaller and smaller and probably will continue t…