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  • Hi all, The winners are: @"vanessaa (GR1)" - most [email protected]"UD1 (INT1)" - most [email protected]"mobplaza (GR1)" - most [email protected]"thegreatultimat (US1)" - random [email protected]"GorgeousJoch (US1)" - random choice Some of you actually won multiple categories so I had to give it to the next person. You all win 20,000 rubies. Thanks for playing,…
  • A highly requested idea, maybe we will see something like this in the future.
  • Hi all, The number I had chosen was 866. This means our winners are: 50k rubies: @"DONARIS (GR1)" with 879 - 13 away 30k rubies: @"flashdance (US1)" with 888 - 22 away 20k rubies @"Wiglema (NL1)" with 822 - 44 away Thanks for participating and see you next time! ~Daisho
  • Hi all, Sorry for the delayed winner announcement but here it is: The correct answer was 13! And our winners are: @"DragosDrx (RO1)" @"aalegr002 (ES2)" @"Whipper (WORLD1)" @"Wolfi_ (GB1)" @"elendil (NL1)" You all win 20,000 rubies and the winners should be credited soon... Thanks to all those who participated, see you next…
  • Sorry about that, as Poseidon said - bit of a mess up. By the looks of it the Feb competition rubies have been paid out today.
  • Hi guys, The correct answer is 18 tokens! So the majority of you got it right :smile: The winners are: @"Carol5 (GB1)" @"ASH1 (ASIA1)" @"chris24 (GR1)" @"-Zeus- (INT2)" @"TANARI (INT1)" You all win 20,000 rubies, these will be paid out asap. See you all next time, :smile:
  • I believe it was to add "progression" to the game but also probably to deter low levels from farming tons of rubies on events easily. 
  • Contact support, there you can report the player
  • Hi all, The winners have been chosen and they are as follows: @"BIGTtheMULLER (INT1)" @"Moshe69 (PL1)"@"_krisu_ (PL1)"@"TONIEK (GR1)"@"Acid-Rain (US1)" You shall all receive your rubies soon! See you next time :)
  • I will tag along this post, I hope everyone has had/is having a nice Christmas, hope to see you all again in the new year! :) - Daisho
  • it's not illegal to capture outposts, I don't think GGS are actively supporting outpost captures as they are technically just a part of the game. Not to say it is right what is happening, but from GGS' perspective it looks like everything is normal. Outposts are a bit of a liability in my eyes, I dropped most of my ops as…
  • Hi all, Thanks for competing! Our winners this month are: @"pumpkinbeanie (US1)" @"roosje(NL1)" @"eibbed62(AU1)" @"lachanke(US1)" @"Wiglema(NL1)" The winner of the Throne of the Teal Dynasty decoration with PO 2100 is @"Wiglema(NL1)" You will all receive your 20,000 rubies soon, See you all next time :)
  • of course it's about money? its a game and they are a business that want to keep going? I don't get your argument if anything GGS are winning since they are making quite a lot of money - and maybe long term they come up with a solution to make more money or get more spenders into the game, they clearly do have some sort of…
Do you think GGS are going to change what they are doing? I hate to be negative here but the state the game is in isn't going to change. The game has been made to favour spenders because they want to make money, they are a business at the end of the day - I do however disagree how much they have monetized the game.…
  • why should a f2p player be allowed to win easily against a player who spends money? that logic makes literally no sense and would cause spenders to stop spending... and I'm not sure how alts hitting low level players effects the glory event you are in, presuming you are above level 69, most players do not stay under level…
  • isn't really worth it unless you just want to play for fun, if you want to compete competitively get ready to spend 100s
  • send a ticket to support, you should be able to log in and then the ads hit, unless you have an ad blocker on and it is breaking it all?
  • why don't you ask them :D
  • You do realise this is a post from 2015... right?