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  • This is not a bug I don't think...its supposed to be just your main castle. However, I think you should be able to send troops/resources from all castles.
  • Yes, that robber baron level is quite high, but it does not really matter what level your rbcs are as they are unique to you (e.g: you may have a level 16 rbc, but to someone else it would only be level 1). However, having higher levelled rbcs is good as you get lots of coins and even rubies from them. :)
  • Did you get a message saying your soldiers deserted? if thats so, then it means that your food did run out. If you didn't, then it is probably a bug and you'll need to contact support about it, telling them what you lost.:|
  • I've never heard of this bug before, but are you sure that he sent you 3000 wood and not stone?
  • You should message support about this problem about this as it is probably a bug (support is at this address: http://support.goodgamestudios.com/ ) I have heard that other people have had that bug too :(
  • They probably had defence tools such as bulwarks and flaming arrows, which means you need to put more than 20 mantlets on each flank (unless you have more than 1 wave). If you have more than 1 wave, you can 'sweep' the tools (get rid of them) by sending swordsmen down the flanks on the 1st and 2nd waves, then put 20…
  • There have been loads of threads about this, but yes loads of people have not got them back (including me-i messaged support and they said you need to wait 40 hours after event finished, but its been several days and still no troops).
  • I got this bug as well-except none of the soldiers I got in Berimond were sent to my main; I just got achievement and decoration.
    in Berimond Comment by DClucas 12.02.2013
  • Inter.2 Lions capital has fallen! Bears 98%, Lions 2%
  • This idea has been suggested before, please use the search function before posting a new thread. However, I don't think it is a bad idea but there is not much point in it, in my opinion as it could just end up in a load more bugs.
  • I think its only resource buildings as I've noticed ruby buildings never catch fire; only resource buildings do so Im guessing ruby buildings never get destroyed. However I need someone to confirm that.
    in Concern Comment by DClucas 09.02.2013
  • the best defence set up is either 100-0-0 or 0-0-100; only use 50-0-50 if you are sure you can win both flanks. and as Adventurer said, put melee on a side where there are melee attackers, and ranged to ranged attackers :)
  • You can't transfer gold to other players-only resources.
  • Church has been suggested loads of times before (use the Search function and you'll see why it won't work) otherwise I like the other idea :)
  • i hate the plague doctor most as it is pointless, and also the treasure chest traveling knights as it is a ruby buyer only event. I like the RBC King as you get loads of coins from it (i got 21k last time, but someone i know got 40k) and also the optional ruby Traveling knights as they are very strong.
  • What I would do in this situation is: 1) Join a bigger alliance or ask a higher level player to attack them for me (if you aren't strong enough). 2) Ask them to stop. Surprisingly it works. I once got attacked for seemingly no reason and they said sorry and that they thought i wasn't online, although that situation is…
  • use them to get rid of tools on rbcs, fortresses and towers in kingdoms (in first 2 waves) then hit them with full tools and strongest troops in 3rd wave. otherwise for defence, yes they are useless.
  • Its Count Palatine and Landgrave that they are cheaper (and higher ranks than that). Margrave is resources.
  • i think that it improves your castellans/commanders' statistics like everything else, e.g: increasing glory, increasing wall/gate protection. :)
    in equipment Comment by DClucas 20.01.2013
  • i get 600 coins every ten minutes :) thaats enough for 5 heavy crossbows/5 two handed swords every ten mins. Also, attack NPC's- if you're in any of the kingdoms then you can get 2000+ coins each time you defeat one :)