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  • Is it the sun?
  • Here are the main ways to get exp: -Completing exp quests -Attacking and defending -Constructing buildings I get 40+ exp from every RBC attack.
    in Errm Comment by DClucas 04.06.2013
  • It depends whether you want to be an attacker or defender(say for your alliance). I would go for mostly defenders, then you can recruit attackers in your outposts. :) You can get castles in Everwinter Glacier at level 25, the Burning Sands at level 40 and Fire Peaks at level 50. You can also make another castle on another…
  • Oh, ok. Its just I've never noticed this glitch due to slow internet connection :P But that makes sense now. lol
  • It looks like you have just taken rbc king from green and put in sand with an image editor or something; i can see bits of green under the castle.
  • You're banned for being in the alliance Age of Lights.
  • its the same in fire-ive seen a fortress and it never seems to not be burning.
    in Fortress Comment by DClucas 09.05.2013
  • This is not a glitch; it is to do with how many wavesyou used-which is why it says there 76 and not 38 (if there was just 1 wave it should say 38). if you didnt use more than 1 wave then it may be a glitch.
  • Yes, there have been some chat bugs; for example an apostrophe comes out as 145; (its HTML code). Annoying, but not as important as some of the other bugs such as troop loss.
  • What it means by "defeat robber barons level 20 or higher" is for you to defeat a Barbarian tower in Everwinter Glacier. Barbarian towers are the 'Everwinter Glacier versions' of robber barons in the Great Empire. Edit: Take a look at this, for example: http://prntscr.com/13oore This is a cultists tower (level 47 right…
  • You're banned for being in en1.
  • Well, if there was less fires then nobody would buy fire stations so there would not be any point in them. Personally, I think the number of fires is just fine, if you don't want fires, get your defences up :)
  • I think this is just a display bug; my outpost has red food although theres enough food for my troops :) Annoying, but your troops shouldnt desert, if they do then contact support.
  • I also got this: http://prntscr.com/105pgn
  • I think its: Everwinter Glacier: 150 Burning Sands: 200 (Guessing) Fire Peaks: 250 ( i spied on one that spawned right next to me and it had 250 but id only just got there so I couldnt get it)
  • Mantlets are really useful for towers and fortresses (I once killed a desert tower losing only 5 swordsman martyrs) although its irritating that you can only put 10 mantlets on the flanks of barbarian towers/fortresses and lower level rbcs.
  • There are already lots of units; most of them are recruitable: Macemen (Veteran also) Crossbowmen(Veteran also) Bowmen(Veteran also) Spearmen (Veteran also) Swordsmen Archers Two handed swords Heavy crossbowmen Traveling Knights + Crossbowmen Horror troops Bear+Lion bowmen and warriors (Berimond troops) Kingsguard…
    in new units Comment by DClucas 22.03.2013
  • I do agree with you about sand RVs; once a whole group of them appeared and then after half an hour they were all taken. But, however, RVs are supposed to be fought over :/ i learnt that in Everwinter glacier-it took ages to get Rvs there, but now i have 12 :) Also, Burning Sands is supposed to be harder than EG.
  • were you trying to send support from an op to your main castle or vice versa? there is a tools bug that when you click use all it comes up with 99 of them...so you have to use up/down arrows. (this happened to me with mantlets) Take a look at this: http://prntscr.com/wf6c5 i had 5 mantlets in total but it said 99.
  • Please write in English, then we are able to help you; however, I think that you are asking how to produce more food - build more farmhouses and decorative items to increase public order then your food production will go up :)
    in Voedsel Comment by DClucas 14.03.2013