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  • If you don't like the event, don't do it. If your side is losing, just don't bother rebuilding up your camp as it would get taken again.
  • You're banned for spelling "signature" wrong...
  • Well, they are going to bring in new ways to increase food production for higher levels mainly due to the recent update where you can attack RVs with shadow troops (so you can keep more troops at RVs). And also, if you keep getting attacked by level 70s then maybe you should ask for help from an alliance-there are many…
  • Same here on international 2. It just stays on brown screen with GGS logo in the middle-and it also logs me out 1min after i successfully log in and stays on the brown screen again. :( Do something about it please GGS. (I know it isnt my internet-everything else is working fine except for GGE.)
  • Maybe you had a commander that reduced the castle gate's defence to 0? if it had, say 40% bonus and you had 40% reduction on castle gate, it would appear as "castle gate: 0%".
  • It is probably down to poor defence setup, not lack of troops and tools. Defence setup should be 100-0-0/0-0-100 for when you go offline (or 0-100-0 if you have very strong gate castellan). Most defeats usually are caused by having all 3 flanks open as it is very easy to crash through them and getting a bonus at the keep.
  • An update that costs you to pay 10,000 rubies to send the shortest attack possible on an RBC/Tower
  • Is it a tap?
  • The second bug that you posted about-ive seen that before; I think it might just be an rbc covering it up (ive seen it with barbarian towers on RVs in everwinter glacier). The first bug-ive never seen before. Probably just a display bug.
  • If you notice that he has made a new account (has a new castle moving near you), then you can report him for multi accounting (You have to give solid evidence to GGS about it though)
    in New castle Comment by DClucas 22.06.2013
  • This has happened to me when trying to recruit/produce tools. Just refresh the page and it should work :) (Annoying though)
    in errors Comment by DClucas 22.06.2013
  • Were you online when the battle occurred? If you weren't, then it does not register but if you were, then try refreshing the page. If it does not work then it is a bug and contact support about it.
  • You're banned for being poster number 7494.
  • solid, liquid, gas? (my entire answer, not 3 :) )
  • only the attacker can get a bonus of 30% at the Keep if they win all 3 flanks. The attacker cannot win gold/rubies from another player-they can only defeat tower/rbcs for gold. They will only loot resources if they win the attack completely.
  • Yes the buildings stay there after you capture it (although some will go into rubble). :) You put out the fires by clicking on the building and clicking the picture of the spanner at the top. (or you can auto-complete it all with rubies)
  • No, 100-0-0 is the best if you are attacked when not online as it makes it difficult for the attacker to defeat the flank with all the men on (especially if you have good tools and Vet defenders+equipment). This usually prevents people from getting all 3 flanks won, therefore they wont get +30% at the Keep.
  • 33-34-33 is the worst possible defence formation you could use! 100-0-0 and 0-0-100 are the best formations; even 50-0-50 is better than 33-34-33. 33-34-33 defence is bad because it allows attackers to defeat the flanks easily and gain +30% power at the keep-and makes you lose lots more men than if you used 100-0-0/0-0-100…
  • Have you checked in the spam area of your email account? If its not there, then you can contact support here: http://support.goodgamestudios.com/ Hope this helped :)
  • It might be a bug; as if, say, you had 90 - 2 food consumers then your consumption should be 180, but if they're consuming that much food it is probably a bug of you have some 4 food soldiers. I'll send you some food to make sure you don't lose troops when berimond finishes.