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  • I agree with you about the difficulty in gaining construction tokens. Frankly, this is another back door method by GGE to pressure players to purchase rubies. If you want to excel in the Outer Realms or the Kingdom's League you must use ruby banners, or spend rubies to speed upgrades, etc. It seems that virtually all major…
  • I am hearing that the storage of mantlets, ladders, rams, will be limited. Right now I have a lot of mantlets stored up because I spend my resources continuously for them. Nomads and Sams and other events use up a lot of wooden mantlets so I take the time to build them. I have 5,000 here, and 12,000 there, and so on, so…
  • So.... after GGE combined the US server into the international server group, if that puts both accounts on the same server, what is going to happen to me? What should I do? Do I give one account away to someone else?
Sorry, but I wanted to seek advice. 
I am guessing I won't be able to make it a 90 90 commander. What level of range and melee does your loot commander have? Do you use it on sams and nomads and robber barons only? Can I see a screen shot of your loot commanders and its attributes? Thanks for your advice
  • I put a level 9 base wood production build item (which adds 27 to base production) on a level 2 forest lodge (base 74 +2). My public order boost in this outpost is 243%. We have a level 6 lab in this kingdom. And my sawmill is level 4 for a 40% boost. So how do I get only 80 wood per hour from this building? The stats are…
  • I like to have a steady amount of resource production so I am not dependent upon looting. It's nice to log on and find storehouses full. I have only been playing a year and a few months. But I like having the resources automatically produced. 
  • Thanks. Yes I immediately changed my password. But GGE owes it to me to tell me who hacked the account. If it is another player I need to be told who it is. And they should be banned from the game. I need proof that I was hacked also. 
  • Thanks. I was told that BC's and FL's only use one wave of tools so the tool burner first wave is all that is needed to drop the defense down to their normal 100% wall and their casty bonus. Is that correct? So if their Castellan has a higher wall bonus than my commander I can counter that by adding extra wall tools,…
WOW. You must play this game a lot! You've been playing how many years? I have only completed one 9 piece commander set and one 9 piece castellan. I have a lot of spare pieces of equipment in my inventory. Do you buy rubies? And how long did it take you to reach level 70-800? Great job. Thanks for sharing. 
  • If my commander has a 40% wall reduction bonus, and their castellan has an 80% wall bonus, what is the strategy for countering their advantage? If I use autofill, will it automatically put in enough tools to defeat that 40% advantage the casty has? I am attacking BCs at the moment, and most of them have 80 to 100% wall…
Herveus, which targets do you use this commander against? I am assuming it wouldn't do well if the castle is heavy on range defenders. Are there certain NPC targets this works well for?
A couple of days ago I found a legendary Weapon of Iron Rain with all excellent range bonuses. I have it teched up to +9 now and it totals 63.5 range bonus. It is a castellan piece. I used it to complete a 90 90 casty, another one of all legendary pieces. Normally I am looking for pieces with both high melee and high…
  • It doesn't seem very intuitive to me either. I admit I have not read everything there is on the issue. But some of what I have read didn't do a good job of explaining the event. Also, when it first came out I tried attacking those things. I got one victory and then two devastating losses. It isn't clear to me which ones…
  • Which build item on which building will increase wall capacity? I know, that is a noob question. 
Yes, food production is my primary focus for build items. At first I included other goals for build items, but changed my thinking on it and now work only food production build items. I could increase recruitment speed, but I already have feasts to do that, so until I get my other goals finished, I will wait on that…
  • Check the Adventures tab in the Quest Book. There is a 5 piece commander available there which you can get by completing 10 tasks, stuff you're already doing anyway, like hitting BC's and FL's, gaining glory points, looting resources from any source, etc. The King of Shadows is a decent commander. It is 85 and 85 melee and…
  • I am relatively new to the game and don't claim to be an authority on this issue. I have one 9 piece castellan and one 9 piece commander. Both have strong 'side bonuses', i.e. wall, gate, moat, etc. It seems to me that the side bonuses are very important, both in offense and defense. But I cannot discount the importance of…
I would appreciate a link to the particular thread you're referring to. That would be great. By the way, do you know of any menu or list of 5 piece equipment sets we can still get? The 9 piece sets are very nice. But I don't have the time to devote during those month long events required to get all the rewards needed…
I had that question also. I have three Igneous Plates right now. For now I am saving them. I understand that this piece isn't presently part of any set, and that it was added prematurely or something. For now I am just holding on to them. Frankly though, I don't know many people who can dedicate enough time to the…