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  • This is why GGE is failing lol. And they say wishing wells and time skips are causing imbalance. You are causing imbalance GGE, When I was level 50-69, I always got the level 11 gems. Now you expect someone to go through all the trouble and get a gem worst than that. And the free level 12 gem is probably a lie, even though…
  • I agree, they should expand the rewards because of Khan’s Revenge. The rewards are too easy too get now and not much of a challenge anymore IMO. But keep on hitting, top 50 is very nice :)
  • It's a war game, there are no rules. it's just a bunch of pixels. If you care so much, go play FarmVille or maybe even Minecraft. It's a war game, your supposed to hit people and hit NPCs. If you feel like you don't want war, leave your alliance. And according to you, your allowed to have multis in the test server so cope…
  • Okay, Sheild Crusher goes before your username and the Fearbringer goes after. You can choose which one you want to put if you have multiple titles. I belive glory titles are default so you have to choose the Berimond titles :p
  • lol, it just happened again :disappointed: lol so true
  • lol, now that I think about it, isn't -1 higher than 1 in rankings? I mean the better you are, the lower number you get, I may be totally wrong but that's just me lol @Manta Birostris, Anything you can do about this?
  • It's a game... don't get so serious lol, just a few pixels... And plus it's a war game so you'll have to expect it... I know it sometimes can be frustrating to have high-level people hit you and you can't do nothing. And a few thousand rez for level 12 is nothing... They can easily loot enough if they do it correctly. My…
  • I suggest you to hit hard on Glory events and Berimond (Next Tuesday of right now) to get more titles. The more you have the better. Unique equipment is also a way to go but it's harder (For some people) and takes longer but will stay. Also, you can get a bunch of might off event PO items, The Padagota Gardens (I have no…
  • That is probally from player.
  • Try looking at the edge of the map, look everyday, I am sure it will spawn. Also, just ask someone in your alliance to help you look, they might know a few or tell you a person to take RVs from. Can't you build a charcoal burner in ice? Then there will be fire ;)
  • I've got to say... if you have a bunch of guardhouses, getting a perfect or near perfect castle layout is pretty easy. @"SteelSlayer (US1)" , I like your setup, might change mine to something similar. Hehehe... Who here likes to rework their castles? I do :) 
  • It's already at the bottom lol Still, I think they are more important than marketplace but if you are friendly upgrade the marketplace so you can send resources to other alliance members. And you buy wolves with charcoal which is pretty nice :smile:
  • RVs in ice are easy to find. Just go scolling in circles around you main castle. I have found over 7 RVs this way. I suggest you enter ice when you have built up OPs, a built up main, all towers upgraded and expansions done before entering ice. Lots of people enter ice too soon and spawn next to open RV without knowing how…
  • The NPC commander is not garbage since it is Overpowered against NPCs and hitting NPCs describes half of the game. It gives great bonuses against Sams, Nomads, RBs and those silly towers in ice, sands and fire.
  • I would've voted Fortune but it's limited in PvP attributes. Plus I already have it, my goal is 1 good NPC commander and 1 good PvP commander before I hit 70.