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  • after getting a new outpost, the robber baron castles reset after getting them to at least level 5 back down to level 1. no matter how many times i get them to level 5.
  • when i select to buy a subscriptioin it won't let me fill in my details or select any other option but my debit card. http://prntscr.com/kzfs0w
  • the adobe flash issue still has not been fixed. it has gotten to the point where i can't login to my game using any browser that isn't puffin. puffin has poor graphic quality compared to the chrome based browsers including firefox. i refuse to use microsoft edge as it has virus issues galore.
  • i tried all suggestions, but if you have a windows 10 computer you are not able to actually revert back versions of adobe as it isn't a compatible option. the only thing that allows windows 10 users to continue with gge is to use the windows version of puffin browser. it is slower and graphics suck but it still allows you…
  • my suggestion is to invest in creating a fire casta for when you are low on defenders. use the settings of 33/34/33 with hurling rocks to strip any nasty who decides to come after you with fires when clearly you are still active. even if you use the defence settings mentioned above you should add tools to your un defended…
  • http://prntscr.com/j04dpc the 'this event is already ended you can no longer do that option' appears on my screen eveytime i hit the kahn tent or buy enough horsetails to get the 3 points for the spring event.
  • so what were the final server scores all i know is that somehow the aus 1 server lost......
  • having the same issue, so looks like no one will have the horsetails to do the bloodcrows after this event let alone be able to get the 3 points for lotus king. this is ridiculous and rather annoying.
  • Just to be clear here, as a leader of Shadow Swords, Invictus was not involved with the rv grab and drop, they didn't even touch the ones that were dropped. The only thing Invictus has done is stand up to you, and tool rake the heck out of your nasty alliance who has no issues with stealing other alliances hard earned…
  • I have 1 account and I do get decent loot on my 1 account. I just don't play 24/7, I do have a life to live. I average around 1-2 mil each week with it. sometimes more. and not everyone is able to play this all that often.
  • There are two main reasons for Shadow Swords to join this fight. 1st is that my alliance Shadow Swords has been bullied and farmed by Seps on many an occasion, not only that they stole one of our monuments and then laughed at me when I asked to get it back. this monument was only a small one so it shouldn't even have been…
  • yes it is very much possible to maintain a decent sized army in the other realms without rvs. If you hit the towers there often then enough you can keep your troops in food, as well as build enough high public order decorations and farms/graneries there you can more then handle it.besides without regularly looting in those…
  • As someone who doesn't have rvs in any of the realms, I honestly don't care that I don't have them. You can still play hard in those realms without the rvs. Who cares if you don't complete the achievement straight away. New Rvs do spawn you just have to be patient and fast enough to grab them when they do. Keep looking you…
  • welcome. Hope you can help fix the game. There are one too many bugs. would be great if you can get them to fix them.
  • i was having trouble with the camps bellow lvl 70 now you want to make it only lvl 70 camps for lvl 70 players??? Do you want all the new level 70 players to quit the game?

As it is hard enough to try and beat the nomads and samurais once you first reach lvl 70. then you go and add the berri invaision which i had…
  • What abou the rest of us who haven't even reached the lvl that opens the research tower in the first place? will that mean any lvl and not just lvl 6rs?