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  • is there anyway to abandon your castle on the storm island map? because i entered it thinking it was just a temporary event. But now i hear its permanent i don't really want to carry on with it. Just another burden to bear and a way to get rid of all your rubies!
  • There is a formula to everything its just nobody has figured out an Nth term formula for this yet wish there was, i got so close to 200 PO and wanted to know how much resources it would have taken.
  • If you capture an outpost you have to occupy it for 24 hours. during this time you cant do anything with the outpost, also the person you took it from can try and take it back by sending troops to the outpost or getting help from their alliance. after the 24 hours its yours forever (unless someone captures it from you) and…
  • Military Problems the low level units have really high travel speed, i know they highered wolves so they are still fastest but only by a bit, this will suck when new players enter new kingdom and can almost outrun you, ALSO theyre units are much cheaper. AND because low level units are so high combat power but still low…
  • its nice that you can find a trading partner here but once you've found them wouldn't it be easier to talk in-game?
  • he is saying those are the best out of recruitable ones (except veterans)
  • dvsu9dhieuhzascakj acjsiaj aijapimve eei naik English maybe? enough dutch By the way: je kan maar 3 buitenposten sommige mensen hebben hoofdsteden, torens of handelscentra, maar je kunt zeker niet meer dan 3 buitenposten.
  • 4 farmhouses? i have 9, the ones with the lowest occupancy rate still produce about 50 per hour, still worth while
  • nomads ARE hard but as a level 56... u should be able to manage at least 500 troops, that is how much veterans i have and i am lvl 48 also your commander is good, but could be a lot better, my best commander is +40% strength melee, +40% strength ranged, -30% on wall, -30% gate. just need to work on tactics btw i've seen…
  • marauders need about 60k each resource its not about how far away the op's are, its about market barrows, even with 4500 (top amount without research tower upgrade) it would take ages for market barrows to go back and forth, and a waste of coins
  • u sure? cuz there are some people out there with a pretty weird sense of humor.lol
  • good idea but where would it go on the kingdom map?
  • R.I.P Ian Ho good player
  • "15 strong ruby players, 33 potatoes" what you said here says that all non ruby players are potatoes, i would have to entirely disagree with you there, some of the strongest players in the game are non ruby players please rethink your stereo-types
  • railways? seriously? the suggestions get weirder and weirder everyday this game is set in medieval times so railways are not an option
  • it would be a good way to fill up all those annoying empty 1x1 spaces but a decorative item with such low PO is never paticularly appealing, especially to high level players who fill their castles up with festival squares good idea though!
  • players are allowed to attack other guild members because otherwise there would be no one to attack for miles.
  • how many towers do u have to upgrade in an outpost with upgraded keep, wall, and gate to make it appear as the next level of picture on the map. i will accept answers in fractions or percentages if thats how it works if u know the answer please private message me cuz i might not check the page again thanks!
  • i thought everybody says no to stealing them cuz it causes too much fuss, or its a players rule or something anyway my alliance doesnt let us take them cuz of all the fuss it causes so how can i get them?
  • lol completely agree, newbies just come on here for 2 days then get all upset cuz they got attacked and beaten, then they claim they're being bullied on this forum and leave. its stupid!