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  • Morning guys, Thanks for the heads up! The team are now aware, and we'll get it sorted as soon as we can. Best regards, Steve.
  • Hey @"The Gentleman (INT1)", Cheers for the report! I'll take a look into it and see what we can do :) Best regards, Steve.
  • Cheers for the extra information guys. I'll have a look into this now, seems like every browser is affected. Will get back to you as soon as I know more! Regards, Steve.
  • Should be around now, like @"Father of All (GB1)" has kindly mentioned, @"FamousJohn8 (GB1)" :) Enjoy! Regards, Steve.
    in events Comment by CM Arcanine 18.08.2016
  • Hey @"PowerfullyNix (AU1)", Don't worry, that's definitely not intended! It's working like a balloon right now, a balloon that never pops, but we're on it and trying to fix it ASAP :) Have a great night/day too! Regards, Steve.
  • Scratch that! Looks like we managed to get them out already :) Enjoy, folks! Regards, Steve.
  • Hey again everyone, Just to let you know, the gift will be going out tomorrow. All the best, Steve.
  • Hey @"MightyHawklord (GB1)", Cheers for reporting this! Looks like some of the values are just being displayed wrong in general. Our team are now aware, and we'll get it resolved as soon as we can. Thanks again, Steve.
  • Hey @"Rakan (SKN1)", Could you clarify what you mean specifically? I think I'm missing something here. Have you visited your construction yard, and the items that you built are not there? Thanks in advance for the extra info, Steve.
  • Hey @"M.A.N (AU1)" and @"Pipplepepper (GB1)", Cheers for reporting this to me. Can you let me know which browser you use? All the best, Steve.
  • Hey again everyone, Just as an update, @"HustleNSwag (US1)", that research doesn't do anything for your actual food production, it's a boost to Market Barrows. I'll leave this thread closed for now, as it seems that the bonuses we mentioned in the announcement were the cause of increased food production over the past two…
    in FOOD Comment by CM Arcanine 17.08.2016
  • Hey @"QueenB (INT1)", Let me take a look into it! I haven't heard of anything like this, but we'll investigate it. Regards, Steve.
  • All in due time, @"Stevemass (GB1)". Give me some time to get back to all of the posts, and forward them to the team :) Regards, Steve.
  • Afternoon guys, Apologies for the slow response. We've made this bug our highest priority right now, as it's super annoying for you guys. As soon as we have a resolution, I'll let you know :) Best regards, Steve.
  • Hey folks, Should be all resolved now :) Let me know if you still get the issue! Regards, Steve.
  • Hey @"FamousJohn8 (GB1)", Do you have a Construction Yard in these castles? As you said, aye, there is currently a display issue with the Yard not showing the PO bonus (110) for those that built it before we added PO to it. We're working on it though, and cheers for the heads up! Regards, Steve.
  • Closing this thread now guys. This isn't the place for bickering. I'll re-open it again when I have more information, and if you have anything extra to add, feel free to PM me. Regards, Steve.
    in FOOD Comment by CM Arcanine 17.08.2016
  • Morning everyone, I understand your concerns and frustration, but I guarantee you that the bugs fixed, as mentioned in the announcement, were the cause of a lot of additional food production. It may be a sudden drop, due to how much was available through those bugs, which is why it may seem like something else has gone…
    in FOOD Comment by CM Arcanine 17.08.2016
  • Hey @"FamousJohn8 (GB1)", Apologies for the late response, but we've popped up an announcement about this HERE. Hope this clears things up, Steve.
    in FOOD Comment by CM Arcanine 16.08.2016
  • Hey guys, The maintenance that we just performed should have resolved this problem now :) Best regards, Steve.