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  • Please no more updates get the one we already have right first
Would also like to know the answer to this. #Bringsomeblancebacktothegame
  • I am quit enjoying the new updates i think it gives people who do not like spending a tons of ruby's a chance to compete at higher levels and win prizes Making tools for points has been my favorite so far but am going to get stuck in to the plunder points when the servers back up :)
  • i have been playing the game since it started and not once have i know bria to come on the forum ever ! i doubt very much that its him
  • Totally agree mate the game was fun in those days now it is down to how much cash you have :(
  • Your right mate there is no occupation time on free capitals my mistake lol
  • Bria owned the ice capital on uk1 but hes account was deleted for what ever reason so it freed up all hes assets like the ice capital and rv kings towers etc
  • Very strange as i thought caps took 24 hours to go through not 3 ???
  • GGE please dont totally ruin this update by selling XP points to players it kind of defeats the object of having to play to progress through the lvls rather then pay to progress you have many other ways of making money please dont make leveling up through the lvls one of them
  • Heres some positive feed back i for one am enjoying the new update it has brought a new challenge to the game for me the only problem i see was the use of coal, oil and glass to repair burning buildings now you have changed that i cant really see any more problems this is a great update for active players who wanted a new…
  • Its been 2 weeks why arnt gge replying to my mails when i contact support
  • What a very sneaky thing todo gge saying your having down time to fix bugs when really all you did was change the prize for the top 100 to the top 10 this must be the biggest con gge have done to date i spent 20,000 ruby on the wheel as was sitting in the 100 i thought fair enough il make do and see how it goes now you…
  • Not liking this update at all for starters what is the point in having a %of a chance then another % of a chance so basically your saying there is no chance that any of these gem will work and even when they do how will we know the effects of the gems have worked lol it all seem a bit pointless to me just another way to…
  • I dont think people are complaining about bsk wanting the capital i think the problem here is the way bsk are handling it by bringing 2 other big alliances in on one after all dont bsk preach about being honorable and fair play ?
  • Sounds like your part of the wrong alliance ever considered joining cg you may get your wish by the sounds of things
  • Who eles is helping cg as far as i was aware they was on there own ?
  • i thought bsk had agreements put it place not to go for another alliances assets once it is there well is it not in the hands of cg now but you are still going for there assets how does that work then lol
  • And no offense to epic or uk but you are starting to make you allies look a bit silly by saying you dont know why they are helping now ?And bascly saying bsk can do it on there own and you do not need your allies ? lol this is all very confusing
  • So basicly what you are saying is bsk wanted an easy ride to take the capital and when they relised it would take them months on there own they thought sod this and got help from epic and uk to help take out one alliance ?? seems a bit unfair to me yes fair enough if bsk and there wings went for the capital and hitting the…
  • Once again i will ask a simple question in hope i will get a reply today, as i said yesterday i understand both veiws but what i want to know is why bsk dont go for the capital alone ?why do they feel the need to ask uk, musks and epic to take down cg ? and if musks/epic have history with cg why have they only waited till…