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  • Yep same here. Waste of time if your doing something thats time consuming for 200 horrors, which you can get from buying a simple amount of rubies.
  • Choosing is a good idea. This way people can have what they want if they win. The prizes recently have been over the top low, and no one wants to compete for it.
  • GGE please stop making yourself look bad. I am a low level, and captured an OP that has level 5 towers. And a few of them are on fire due to my capture. And heres where GGE logic kicks in. I am a level 34 and l need olive oil and glass to repair the tower! Are you kidding me GGE? I cant even get glass until level 50.…
  • Well lm glad they are increasing the level number, as it says its going to be the new thing. But l really hope GGE sees the power difference for levels 51 from level 70 and have sperate groups (51-60) (61-70) (71-to the next level)
  • I know that but its been like 4 months and the alliance tournament has been here like 3 times in 4 months
  • Not really. A level 70 can attack a level 60-70. There are many players that are level 60-70. Dont worry, you will have enough
  • There are a lot of level 70's. Enough for competition. Its just unfair for a level 50-60
  • Hes talking about kids think little time is longer when its not.
  • Yea, once you get high enough even like level 5 or 6, it takes 11,000 points and higher to get to the next level. Since you lose points every day and you get like 200-300 points a day from daily tasks, its really useless.
  • Bro, if they swap macemen and crossbowmen you will get bored of them soon enough just like you are bored with the originals. How about you level up to get the veterans and G so you wont be bored. Btw, KG arent available when your a higher level. You can only get them through a capital
  • Lol according to him :)
  • We really dont need more troops. If we made more troops for 5 more levels, it would be too much. Since Deathly horrors and demons are the strongest troops that you get from winning stuff and buying rubies, troops shouldnt be as strong as them. Then go all the way to KG's troops. Since the difference between KG's and…
  • And the troops will be?
  • Yea. The new world map really stinks. I logged on today and realized that it was the new update. I got excited and went to the world map. Once l saw it, l had no clue what everything was. It is going to take some time getting used to, but l would like to change it back. You can barely tell whats a 8 food or a 6 wood.
  • I dont actually know the amount of cash GGE gets from each server, but you also argued the other way as well. If Int 1 was the default server for some time, l bet they would provide GGE with more cash since more people will be there.
  • Please, do you even play in Int 1? If you do, do you play in a big alliance? I bet its just as competitive in Int 1 as USA 1. If Int 1 shuts down, then everyone will lose all their stuff.
  • Thats it. You can leave your alliance during the tournament but only if you dont participate in the tourny. Which prevents alliance attacks to gain glory. They should have told you before you left.
  • Did you also leave the alliance? I am almost certain they will exclude you from the tournament if you leave the alliance.
  • To me, l think there can be some differences. One example is, tower level 5 and wall level 5 can come to effect that a level 50 cannot get, but a level 70 can.
  • Okay idea. Though, why would you even hit a lower level if theres a bigger level in the alliance? If not a bigger level, why are you even at war with a small alliance? Just ignore them