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  • This has turned into a, buy a championship ring game. How realistic is it for an attacker to send a 14,000 troop attack and kill more defenders with over 200,000 in the courtyard? The attacker is allowed to send back to back attacks until the defender is out of troops. GGE has created this problem and they are killing the…
  • Or you can do I as I am doing. I am deleting my account. I have started the process and it completes 07/28/2022. I messaged GGE and the only response I got back was an auto-reply. I replied back asking "Can you not answer the question...still no reply. I have been play the same amount of time as you, unlike you I have…
  • Hiding behind a fake account proves you shouldn't be here, you are part of the problem.
  • JPS Kills, Yes losing "over 3 million might points" was due to a massive loss of troops because of several 11 wave attacks back to back to back with relic commanders that had over a 400% plus courtyard advantage. Looking at your profile you have played the game for a very sort time so I don't think you know what fair is.…
  • Does anyone know what the coat of arms emblems are after the snake eating itself (Ouroboros)?
  • I don't get why this has to be on a separate server. Why can't this be done like Berimonds? The problem is you are taking away from the reason we are here and that is to play Empire. It makes it very difficult to be active in Empire when you are on a different server and you have to log out of the game we are here for.