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  • HTML 5 Update April Since our update on Goodgame Empire to HTML 5 we have been busily working away on improving your playing experience based on feedback given to us from the community. Just as a sample of what we have been doing the following issues have been dealt with: 
* Tool tips not showing as intended 
    in HTML 5 Comment by BM Fujiwara 24.04.2019
  • After a rather disappointingly short stint, I'm afraid changing circumstances in real life (additional family members, change of work situation, among other things) have meant I'm needing to call it a day on the game completely. I've had a month or so thinking it over, but it's proved impossible to fit Empire in, and I…
Should be fixed this afternoon now :)
  • Hiya, I'm still digging into the details at the moment, but this is basically the top priority at the moment: We had to redirect to Flash due to technical issues on other servers over the weekend, which were apparently causing critical problems in our HTML5 version of the game. So in order to save the other remaining…
  • Keep an eye out today, you never know!
  • I would suspect so. As far as I can it's all just "scaled up x10" as far as I've bothered to get to in the new system
  • Level 6 required 500 spins, or 1500 tickets on the old system, so presumably 15,000 on the new. I did know them all up to 6, but to be honest I guess 6+ is all you're really interested in
  • I dunno, despite the fact it's very obvious what's going on, and the fact I don't play on the server and it doesn't relate to me one little bit, the running banter in the forums never gets all that old for me.
  • I also encourage everyone to try the event, and anyone who enjoys it to continue doing it. Quite a few players really enjoy the collectors event, so why not let them enjoy doing it?
  • Ah, nice, ok, does the actual travel time have the boost applied too (and therefore it's a display bug on the horses), or is travel speed only boosted without horses?
  • The competition is now closed. There were 70 entrants, of which 31 correctly chose the answer of 18. The winners have been chosen via Excel's random number generator (two random numbers for each correctly guessing player - highest five sums of those two numbers are the prize winners), and are as follows: Tattiescone (GB1)…
  • Hey all, thanks for all the answers, and I hope you had a great Easter weekend. I'll be closing the competition in 75 minutes, I will announce the correct answer, all the people who guessed it correctly, and when the winning players are randomly selected out of those, I will announce that also. Keep your eyes peeled for…
  • I agree, but I can highlight the text on HTML5 just fine - can you provide more details of which bits of text you're trying to highlight?
  • There are many event based servers. In fact ... all of them except for INT3. INT3 is for those who don't want events. If you do want events, INT3 is probably not the best server for you. If you do want to play on INT3, you will have to wait somewhere between a very long time and forever for events. It's not that the…
  • Outer realms ? Still happening?
  • Make sure you raise a support ticket with any in game losses, as I'm afraid us on the forums can't help you regardless of how much we'd like to :)
There are a number of threads about this one - basically the lack of events is a design decision so that the server is focused more on PvP
Ctrl-C | Ctrl-V works fine Right click not working is frustrating, but hopefully this workaround is good enough to use ?