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  • No one is stopping you.
  • Oh really? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXTGzKkTTLk
  • No it doesn't. Not bad idea, but as said above the numbers that you suggested would need severe tweaking for balancing issues. Problem is I don't think that this idea is either essential or ground-breaking enough to brought out. There have been several various updates to resolve the issue with high-level players having…
  • Except for the fact that Macemen exceed them in that regard as well (Spearmen more so if you don't mind travel time). :p Hence why I stand by what I said all that time ago, Swordsmen are just an obsolete unit that needs adjustment or removal.
  • The reason why it may be seen as weird is cause the burning cross is the iconic sign of the KKK even with the caption of "I have no faith" which contradicts the groups principles it could be interpreted differently.
  • I doubt they will be lost in the event of a lost battle but haven't lost one yet to confirm.
  • If the attack has won either two flanks or the front and a flank (in total there are three entry points: left flank, frontal and right flank) then neither side receives any bonus. If the attack has won all flanks and the front then he will get a 30% bonus to the combat strength of his soldiers within the battle of the…
  • Since you are level 13 you are likely sometime in the future to receive the 50% ruby discount awarded to these who are loyal so alternatively you can save up your rubies for that occasion in order to make to most out of them.
  • I'd say rubies, gold and resources are more commonly used. Particularly with people constantly complaining about rubies on the forums. :D
  • There are a total of 4 different worlds or kingdom depending on preference. There is: The Great Empire which everyone starts in and the one you are currently located at (grass), the Everwinter Glacier (ice) which you can unlock at level 25 with resources plus gold, The Burning Sands (desert) which you unlock at level 40…
  • Comments on someone being a troll then proceeds to contribute to the discussion by making the most vague cliched on the fence opinion. Bravo. Some policies and choices eventually when simplified come down to the two decisions, or as you prefer to label them "black or white". In fact the grayness as you refer to aka the…
  • Yawn... emu.
  • Technically the quickest way is through rubies by complete buildings and buying resources. Just rush exp quests at least the ones you can complete in a reasonable length of time along with attacking Robber Baron Castles with whatever troops you have to gain several more exp.
  • As much as I would enjoy such a feature being introduced I can't realistically see it being implanted in this game. In fact it sounds more like a MMO component in that you characterize and choose the aesthetics of your character. Keeping in mind that Goodgame Empire would also have to come up with all the weapon and armor…
  • Oh boy... Why have event achievements? To reward active players who complete them, rather then passive players who either miss them or fail to complete them time and time again thus not completing the achievement. Certain event achievements like the Thorn King event are sign of these who played for that length of time,…
  • To attain access to Kingsguard troops you have to either own a capital city or be within an Alliance who owns one. However, luckily for yourself the next update coming out this morning allows these with the new titles to be able to recruit Knight of the Kingsguard & Crossbowmen of the Kingsguard so you won't have to go…
  • The total honor you have grants you a % bonus on the amount of glory points you would earn from attacking X target that is eligible for gaining honor. In order to complete certain achievements honor is also an involving factor such as achieving 2000 Honor Points for the Hero achievement.
  • At your level you are likely to have little to no food issues. As such you should just go ahead and buy a mixture of attacking troops (Macemen and Crossbowmen) & defensive troops (Archers, Spearmen and Bowmen). People who attack you most likely don't have access to Heavy-Crossbowmen as such you can just get away with not…
  • Look outside the castle on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the south.
    in Events Comment by B.Stinson 20.11.2012
  • A fairly accurate espionage (70%-100%) is a good indication of what variation of troops and equipment to use as well as how many. Presuming you are at a rather low level and zero honor count there shouldn't be any potent players wanting to attack you just others in a similar situation as yourself. You can simply deterrent…