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  • Why can't GGE fix what's screwed-up or has bugs and leave what does work alone. This is a world turned upside down. Sometimes I think GGE is trying their best to run people off.
  • Additionally, when you go to demolish it does not tell you what will be returned....it only tells you how many hours it takes for the demo. Ama C
  • I just demolished Relic Quarry in my main, Relic Woodcutter in an OP and Relic Woodcutter in Fire. I wanted to see the impact that might create before going a step further...........I expect to see the Construction tokens & upgrades in my account within the next 24 hours! Thank you, Ama C
  • After I posted the above comment, I had a tab in which I could leave and return as Master. Everything shipped back to main and I had to start all over.................Why couldn't GGE have done that before I spend all those skips & lost troops; better yet, why couldn't I have gotten the tab to continue to Master and not…
  • I am trying to complete the Blade Coast Mode 1 & 2; however, I have the 1 cargo ship and can't build more (thus, no fleet). I have attacked and defeated Kraken 4 or 5 times without any change............the cool down is 10 hours. What do I have to do to complete the exercise and receive the Achievement? GGE is lousy…
  • How does one get on the test server?
  • I can't get back to my original login browser. There is something wrong with the way GGE has set this Outer Realms up. I want to be able to use my original browser and not this make-shift thing that isn't even secure. I have written to Support without a decent reply (which is usual). AND, GGE always wants prntScr of…
  • Thumbs down on this event, troops attacking me is greater than BC/FL and spy report for me to attack them have larger troop count than I can attack back even with 5th wave. And, what about the courtyard! Seems to be combination of RB's and FL in greater troop numbers and you are on your own; which I don't mind if numbers…
  • What you did is stealing...cause for WAR. If you want an RV, go looking until you find an empty one and then capture it and good luck being the first 1 to get to it. To many players (young usually), just pop out their front door, see an RV they like and promptly send enough troops to tackle an FL and think it's okay to…
  • I got th same thing but didn't prtscr but thought it to be odd. Just glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem. They did take the resources but no reward. ama
  • I beg to disagree with you on skip time, it's broken and I have written customer support....bug, I believe.
  • Agree! Just forget the whole idea, if someone can just take the lab....what's the use.
  • You have a bug! I can not move resources from my castle to my op's. The resource transport is missing and I need to move resources within my little world. Please look into this matter and fix the bug. Also, the problem started when I accepted the gift of wood and stone this morning.
  • From the detail of my Defeat, there was a Marauder for purchase (7 days....rubies). I've attacked 2 Baron Castles with pyromanic (2 each time) and I can't see the Marauder. Is this a shadow, lurking somewhere in the background and will he surface or produce results. Ama C