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  • Hiya everyone... so I have a pretty simple question to ask about the current ongoing 'Berimond Invasion'. If you're on the UK server, it might not actually be ongoing for you, as I have no idea if events are synced at all for the servers... but you can still answer if you have a good memory. :p How can you actually finish…
 Posted this one twice, might wanna fix that. Anyway, nice hits! 
 And great hit considering you kept the losses down. :) Good trade.
 Agreed, I'm so far behind in terms of castellans and commanders. Feel like I need an update in both departments tbh, need to get some more unique stuff from the events. :s Commando Peeps Castellan Peeps
 I'll use the search function when they fix it or give some indication on how to narrow the search down. I don't want to see every thread ever from every server ever when I'm trying to use a keyphrase. I even checked it just to see if it's still giving results across all servers, and it sure was. However, judging from…
 We share the same opinion then.. because if that's what I get with a 100% bonus, what would I have got with no bonus? Because that right there is already trash for my current situation lol. 
 Quit it Steel, they didn't add caps to everything! :D I know you hate the update. :p 
 ... could you be more plain?…
 A martyr wave is when you send only one troop in a wave so you can burn the tools being used in the defense. A common example of the use of a martyr wave would be against the current event castles, The Bloodcrows. Bloodcrows only have tools for defense one wave deep, so if you send a single martyr wave as your first…
 TBH I'm surprised you managed to write something without being rude or incredibly obnoxious. :p Pat on the back for you. Best of luck to you Tempus! Sorry to hear that your fun in the game has been cut short. :'(
 Well, quoting you, you are 'a plastic card with numbers on it' so any commander I have is extremely underwhelming compared to what you, or what any highly active player has. I'm just some girl playing a hobby. ;) That's my best commander. It's basically an incomplete Sami Commander with fancy CY gems. And don't even…
  • I haven't really gotten many good hits to post about, except this guy... and even then a defeat isn't all that great, even if the glory is nice. 
  • &#13; Woah, we have a better Negan in our presence. Wowza. GR server though? No idea which one that is, sorry. :p You probably can't even understand me, but you're scary lol. Edit: The greek server, lovely! I didn't know what the GR stood for, really sorry. >.<
  • &#13; I find that incredibly hard to believe. :D *looking at siggy*
  • &#13; Can confirm, GW can and will kick butt whenever, if need be. :p This thread is 2 years old lol... but I'm super bored with nothing better to do, so here goes... 1. The Unnamed (They've taken up power like a storm... and they can flat out snipe events. They're loaded with active and well versed players, and that merge…
  • &#13; Wait a minute. They put on a fire cast actively when they saw the attack? :o Wow... with that much defense, could have just defended the middle and probably clobbered in the CY lol. You must have sent one scary comm.
  • &#13; Wow, I was honestly wondering if those were all multi's, and as to what they were doing... definitely going to report it now since THAT'S what they're doing.
  • &#13;I wanna believe you. I really do. But with that first post you made, kind of hard to do so. :# Detailed report or it didn't happen lol.
  • &#13;I don't have the willpower to farm eighty of these fail castles a day... that really starts to wear on the amount of feathers and patience I have available to me. :p And I never get to defend, hence why I get super hyped about being able to do so lol. TBH I could have lost only three, or four peeps instead of fourteen…
  • Annnnnnnnd I'm back. The very first bloodcrow I spied had two thousand defenders, so I knew I had to kill it. I guess they didn't like that all too much though, because I got an attack right back. Spoiler though, I know how to defend. And if I'm online when the attack appears, your best hope is to have sent a full on ruby…
  • Who else saw this coming from a thousand miles away? Congratulations on the Storm win, MU. :* You did beat KoN to it, after all.
  • &#13; I don't know what's more crazy in that screenshot... the fact that you achieved a 4.0 K/D ratio against twelve thousand plus defending peeps, or the heartbreak of missing out on an insane victory by just 154 peeps. :D &#13; And wait! There's more... :o I could only pray for a castle with more than 3k defenders in…
  • &#13;I have a feeling you just killed 6000 demon peeps, but still a nice looking hit. ;)