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  • lol also i am a menber of the same group but because we from the Netherlands I also found that goodgame just let us down goodgame intentionally just wants to understand us, protecting even the cheaters and the bullies,and everything is just about how much goodgame you can earn a people's life more or less does not…
  • have of my alliance have lost hole of there attaking army du to te BIG BUG from jesterday GOODGAME= BADGAME
  • Best goodgame, our group was just for 2 x 10,000,000 to building matrial extorted by a group that up to 3 x greater than ours. We are aware that goodgame this willy-nilly with it by a price to resident on peace. Now I wish that you NEVER would come in such situaatie as we do. Any time is going to do something in favor of…
  • Winston Churchill speech We Shall Fight them on the beaches June 4th 1940
  • New's from the front, 2 BIG groeps REZERVOIR DOGS 56 MEMBERS and INGLORIUS 59 MEMEBERS. Against 1verry small groep THE FUGEES 18 members and still we we hold strong. Greeting...
  • Empire some times we forget... the pain and struggle of our service men.. and woman.. Somtimes we dont onderstand.. Quite how hard the struggle is.. And how tall you really have to stand to fight... and die. For somthing that you truely believe in.. But Empire I tell you to remember.. Who has fought and died.. for you to…
  • the point of this tread, is to find moor suport of honest player. who ar willing to fight, for justig and agains all tirans.
  • We are fighting back, sure and first in the deffens. We all get there multiple victories. But when the other will be sharing their passwords, with multiple accouts. then it goes, us no longer of the combat, but the victory of good against the evil.
  • This no longer has anything to do with one group against one other. But with how many groups they can surfing net against one little one. But be aware, in the struggle for freedom, we will never surrender. We are fighting on grass, on ice, on sand, on fire, and on storm.
  • Flokje de best has idd sheert his pasword white so many players. now he lost som gear, and put's the blam on one of us? The blam is his and his allone.
  • Oké than you whan't proof? you can get it. This is a cpy from a mail, sent by FLOKJE DE BEST server nl1 je doet je best maar als ik mijn comm en voogden terug heb dan zal ik mij er hard voor maken dat het aanvallen stopt het antwoord van suport zal helaas zijn we kunnen niets voor u betekenen omdat het ww is gedeeld met…
  • Yes we will search for more support, for more honesty in the game. So, done with multiple accouts, done with sharing passwords. For more individual responsibility for those who do not keep to the rules of good game
  • In order to make it very clear, there are multiple players who as cheating, lying, and demand that other no longer allowed to play. I have sufficient evidence of this, as well as of the innocence of our Member. Yes this is a war game, but obviously also a false players game
  • just evil for all thad kinf rasra heve don vor al of us nou all the deffebns is gone thax gge i wil neve pay notinbg for You boboklaad
  • Sorry Piet96, net werden wij als klein bg door een veel groter bg meerdere keer aangevallen wij net als meestal netjes verdedigd, en dan komen ze nu wat dreigen met oorlog. Van een beetje samenwerking over de bg grenzen heen is hier totaal geen spraken meer.
  • Makkelijk gezegt maar als je dag en nacht word aangevallen, net door die bg's die over deze boycot begonnen zijn kan je niet anders dan robijnen kopen.
  • er zijn idd echt een over ;(vloed aan spelers met meerdere acc die deze dan ook nog misbruiken tegen over de wel eerlijke spellers :-((