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  • Lag now includes glitching graphics. Green patches both in castles and in world map. Found on both US and UK servers.
  • (Quote) Would explain why partner sites get early access. It's a conspiracy, man.
  • Wish granted, but gge's lag combined with no ruby spend confirmation button means you click to upgrade your keep, and then click again since it is laggy and unresponsive, thus you spend them all on an insta-upgrade for the keep. I wish I had an R2 …
  • (Quote) Wow. That's just ridiculous. Perhaps by coincidence (but probably not) Foreign is in town. Foreign Lag has to go NOW. If it means foreign leaves GGE via the way of the alchemist, then, well, at least the game will be playable again.
  • (Quote) In an alchemy lab! *poof* *alchemist appears* I wish. *sigh*
  • Sure, GGE. I always celebrate my independence on the second of August. No other American should grace GGE with spamming other cultures with 4th of July deals not around the 4th of July. Yet another shameless money grab. I feel this German company i…
  • (Quote) I have noticed that lag on en1 is worse than us1.
  • Moat is severely underestimated in most attacks. If you have fire moats, you have a pretty good advantage if your enemy doesn't attack with full shield walls and ranged. Honestly, much better investment of rubies to buy moat tools than castle moat.
    in moats Comment by 007Ben2 02.09.2015
  • (Quote) Click the >> to go to original post. Read the last few posts. Actually pretty convincing.
  • (Quote) I made it pretty clear in my first post that I did not want these types of posts here. These posts are how threads get closed. Not sure if my computer, or the game, but when it lags, it sometimes glitches the display as well, turning parts…
  • Just makes 'em a bigger target. More power to them.
  • (Quote) Meh. Subtle nuances.
  • (Quote) No. One of my team's linemen went to the Packers and I'm still salty.
  • (Quote) Doubt it. Hasn't been 2 weeks yet. #ggelogic
  • If you are playing for the combat in real-time, then I suggest Forge of Empires. Armies will be smaller, but terrain, and tactics are used a bit more. Combat in GGE is just pre-combat strategy and numbers.
  • SC guns are very basic. Jamming is highly improbable. Like trying to jam an AK. Except even harder due to fewer moving parts. Pretty much if they have ammo, they work. A cylindrical container of SC is placed in the "barrel" which is open o…
  • You're banned for playing "You're Banned."
  • (Quote) Huh. Whaddyaknow. I was going to say look in your "storage for decos" tab but guess not.
  • (Quote) Strongest, yes, but best? Well. . . If you need to get someplace as fast as possible, wolves are the best choice. If you want a mix of strength and speed, assassins and demon slayers are excellent. Upon entering ice, basic units have som…
  • (Quote) Right. Remember we are talking 90 more PO than a castle garden. Pretty significant, esp when that same 220 is for all the PO items. You get a second deco like that and 2 of them make as much PO as more than 3 gardens. Not a bad deal.