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  • Jacnife (US1)
    so when is gge going to stop supporting the big ruby spenders and help us little guy's out that don't buy a lot of rubies they buy up to 11 or 12 waves and we get nothing to defend our self unless you spend rubies 
    gge is slowly losing players cause they keep catering to to big spenders 
    gge don't listen to us poor people that are disabled or out of work . no they want that $$$ crap even the Government is helping the little people 
    gge is so tight with the rubies that they squeak when they walk , dang tight wads 
  • fierdragon (GB1)
    Whats the deal with samurais .   why are tools still in the blacksmith tent if the event is never on  despite the fact it keeps getting advertised in the monthly events and then passed over for other events all the time . We are getting rather p*ssed off
    • Ben Doon (GB1)
      Ben Doon (GB1)
      The part timers at GG couldn't organise a lockdown p*ss up in a distillery. It's not only pathetic, unprofessional and misleading, they actually expect players to spend money on event tools while rarely pressing the Samurai activation button.
      Every time GG fail to come up with an advertised event we should all get free stuff
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  • The Templar (IN1)
     I an trying to raise a ticket but its showing this error


    Please reply fast
  • AbsoluteZero (US1)
    I need your help on us1 server, a player is making multiple account and spam attacking my alliance by using the vouchers
  • Adrian254 (INT1)
    we want samurai back....or is because you guys dont make as much from it....im quiting after FC and no Samu this game scks
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Please be patient, sammies is scheduled to arvive soon.
    • Jacnife (US1)
      Jacnife (US1)
      this game is so 1 sided now and geared for the ruby whales that can buy the 9 waves of attack then they mass attack the smaller alliances over and over again causing them to eventually leave the game
      they even spam the forum to see who complains about them then they use that to attack that person they have the better equipment because they can buy 50 to 900K rubies well what about us small players that can't afford to buy rubies well gge can give a rats a** about us cause the top alliances are lining gge pockets with money
      gge keeps changing the game to make it better but all their doing is making it worse for the non ruby players to play
  • Poseidon X Angel
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  • CJM9 (US1)
    can u possibly check to see why i didn't get any upgrade tokens from the last outer realm

    cjm9 usa1

  • pukyS (SK1)
    How to create a ticket

    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Open this, scroll down.
  • Mahadevwarrior (IN1)

    I need your help!

    I’ve sent 2 tickets of two different issues I’m facing. But I haven’t received any update

    I’ve checked my spam mail promotions mails everything they just don’t reply.

    its very important for me to get reply for the second ticket since it’s directly related to ruby purchase and consumption.

    ticket 1 Conversation ID : #2336586

    ticket 2 Conversation ID : #2343320

    I sent another Ticket in connection to the second one just because it is so important.

    conversation ID : #2343744

    please help

    • Mahadevwarrior (IN1)
      Mahadevwarrior (IN1)
      I’ve only gotten a auto generated response.
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Hello, if you have gotten an automated response it means that your email did arive and you will get a response soon.
    • Mahadevwarrior (IN1)
      Mahadevwarrior (IN1)
      It has been 6 days.
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Only 2 days if you don't count the weekend + their holiday, you will get a response soon :-)
      There is nothing I can do to speed this up for you, I wish I could.