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  • ted1945 (US1)
    Now that the Bloodcrow fiasco is done; Aside from the fact that someone forgot to turn on the BC attacks, that was obviously the old Romania/Brazil variation. The targets on those two are bad beyond belief. They are just a waste of time, troops, and everything else. By the third day most of our members were logging on for 15-20 minutes and gone for the rest of the day. I don’t imagine many people not playing the game for days is great for the profit margin of GGS. And there’s no reason for it. Just don’t run those two variations any more. It wouldn’t take any extra work (like fixing the two bad ones).

  • Oeste (ASIA1)
    When will we get the January Event Schedule?
    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
  • ted1945 (US1)
    Ok, the popups are now officially out of control. 6-7 at a time non-stop.

    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
      Yes, as a player, I hate them. As a mod, I'm on a sticky fence of not poking the official policy and trying to avoid expressing my personal feelings publicly. I totally 100% understand that a free to play game needs people to buy rubies and take up offers and deals. I also 100% believe that popups are not the way to do it. Not one time have I ever bought rubies based on a popup. In fact, they're so frequent that literally all I do is play "whack a X" with them, just like most other people. When I've dealt with food issues and everything else, I'll normally go down the bottom right and cycle through the offers, as I'm interested in them. But in my time, always in my time, and never when they interrupt what I'm doing for the 15th time in the last 30 minutes.

      Trust me, I've fed this back, more than once, I'm just powerless to do much more than say "hey guys, I really think that offers would be more successful if we tried doing it this way?"