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  • Desolation (US1)
    A player has been trying to scam me in buying an account for hundreds of dollars. of course I never actually wanted the account but I pretended that I did to see what he was all about as I know that buying/offering to buy account is a bannable offense. He tried to make me use other 3rd party sources that are highly dangerous that I do not want some random less educated child to get into the mix of. What should I do and will you please work with me in getting this person banned from Goodgame empire. We do not (as a community) want players like this to scam us our or beloved younger generation.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible as the longer this player is in GGE the worse it is for GGE business and the community.

    Best wishes and regards,
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  • itismetoday (GB1)
    maybe your team at goodgame should take a look at berimond as it seems when ever its on the game cocks up
  • asdfghjkl42 (IN1)
    Hello buddy i wanted to as you please could you join our server we need a few more players to help us out make our server active

    Regards INDIA 1 Server

    If you do join please join my allaince 

    LORDS OF HELL  Allaince leader message me if you join  our server and brother you still havent replied to my royal capital answer wil our rubies be returned

    • asdfghjkl42 (IN1)
      asdfghjkl42 (IN1)
      Sad to see you dont reply to our question
    • _Rishabh (IN1)
      _Rishabh (IN1)
      That is what na this game guys only reply to big and ruby player not others
    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
      I profusely apologise for being away for a week, this was a lapse in my real life priorities.

      Thank you for the invite to LORDS OF HELL, but sadly I am not interested in starting an account on another server. I do however wish you the very best of luck with your alliance.
    • _Rishabh (IN1)
      _Rishabh (IN1)
      Well buddy please we would be happy at least if you join our server we are a growing server and need players

      I am really sorry for what i said in the above statement
  • orion314 (INT3)
    Hello, dont you know why there are no events in INT 3?