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  • asdfghjkl42 (IN1)
    Hello buddy i wanted to as you please could you join our server we need a few more players to help us out make our server active

    Regards INDIA 1 Server

    If you do join please join my allaince 

    LORDS OF HELL  Allaince leader message me if you join  our server and brother you still havent replied to my royal capital answer wil our rubies be returned

    • asdfghjkl42 (IN1)
      asdfghjkl42 (IN1)
      Sad to see you dont reply to our question
    • _Rishabh (IN1)
      _Rishabh (IN1)
      That is what na this game guys only reply to big and ruby player not others
    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
      I profusely apologise for being away for a week, this was a lapse in my real life priorities.

      Thank you for the invite to LORDS OF HELL, but sadly I am not interested in starting an account on another server. I do however wish you the very best of luck with your alliance.
    • _Rishabh (IN1)
      _Rishabh (IN1)
      Well buddy please we would be happy at least if you join our server we are a growing server and need players

      I am really sorry for what i said in the above statement
  • orion314 (INT3)
    Hello, dont you know why there are no events in INT 3?
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  • Darklord12 (IN1)
    Hello buddy i wanted to ask when is GGE going to get back the event of Royal Capital

    You guys had told that it would come back in 2019

    We spent rubies that time in upgrading it and all rubies gone waste So GGE give our allaince rubies back or please get the event back

    we spent so much rubies on that event not 1000 or something but in crores
    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
      Hiya, I know it's still on the list of stuff to bring out, but yeah, it's taken a very long time. It's definitely not been abandoned (yet, at least), but it's priority seems to keep being pushed down. When we have a more specific ETA, we'll post it, I promise!
    • Darklord12 (IN1)
      Darklord12 (IN1)
      Will our rubies be returned back?
  • djan1992 (BG1)
    Hello to the long-term event loses not only the helmet of a commander but one of the stones I hope you will fix it
  • PeteK (US1)
    Here is a screen shot of the email I sent. (One of them, sent several)

    That is part of the problem.... no ticket or anything.  I can not reach them period.   I appreciate anything you can do.  
  • dogit (US1)

    u mentioned the newsletter well i have tryed grtting it but it like glitches out any idea who i should. contact?



    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
      Have you tried dropping a message to support?
  • Jincheng2004 (US1)
    When are you coming back?   We miss you Fuji!  LF
    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
      Probably once this server war gets done on UK1 :(

      Somehow I ended up roped into a giant and unpleasant tool clean/building destruct/RV drop fest involving 50m+ alliances, and I'm tied back up in the top end of the server politics again with all the propaganda and other nonsense that comes with it.

      I have de-ruined the castle on us-1, and I'll keep it "alive". I do intend on returning as soon as I reasonably have time to plod along on both!
  • den brave (NL1)
    how and where to register for the newsletter

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    • law breaker (IN1)
      law breaker (IN1)
      sir i have a prblm
    • law breaker (IN1)
      law breaker (IN1)
      i am not able to login into my acc name BoRn To RuLe and i dont have the registered gmail id or payment account card right now please look forward to it and request you to pls give my pass info at [email protected]
    • BM Fujiwara
      BM Fujiwara
      Hi Law Breaker - this isn't something I can help with I'm afraid - you need to contact support and pass them the relevant information :)