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Open Beta Server

Attention, Warriors of the Great Empire!

Prepare for a significant event launching this Friday! We're thrilled to announce that our Open Beta Server will go live this weekend, starting Friday and running until Monday morning. This exclusive window gives you the opportunity to dive into our exciting new features and changes, particularly focusing on our latest addition, General Sasaki, and the freshly revamped General's Inn.

Emerge yourself in the world of the legendary Ronin Warrior, General Sasaki, hailing from the far-flung Sunrise Kingdoms. With her formidable skills – Mind Clarity, Way of the Sword, The Way of Perfection, and Iron Will – she's ready to bring a new layer of strategy to your battles. This is your chance to explore Sasaki's might, plan your tactics, and prepare your army for her eventual arrival on all servers.

This open beta period is your golden opportunity to delve into these updates and provide valuable feedback. Your input is essential in making sure the General's Inn is the best it can be and ensuring that General Sasaki will truly enhance your battle experience.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for a weekend of exploration and strategy! Let's blaze the path of Bushido together, harness the power of General Sasaki, and shape the future of the Great Empire. To honor, courage, and glorious victories ahead! 🏅🛡️⚔️


  • BM_NKBM_NK Moderator Posts: 213
    Dear Lords and Ladies,

    We are pleased to announce that the Open Beta Server is now live. This beta period will allow all players to explore and test the capabilities of our latest character, General Sasaki, along with her unique abilities: Mind Clarity, Way of the Sword, Endless Practice, The Way of Perfection, and Iron Will.

    We invite you to engage in the gameplay, test the abilities of General Sasaki, and provide feedback based on your experience. Your input is crucial in ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for all players when General Sasaki becomes available on all servers.

    An additional feature of this beta test is the introduction of a new offering exclusive to General Sasaki. This unique offering guarantees a shard drop for Sasaki every time it's accessed, providing a reliable way to enhance Sasaki's abilities .

    We encourage you to take full advantage of this Open Beta Server and explore the new content.

    Happy Testing!
    Your Community Management Team
  • BM_NKBM_NK Moderator Posts: 213
    Dear Lords and Ladies,

    The Open Beta Server for General Sasaki will soon be shutting down. Your participation and contribution during this critical testing phase have been invaluable and we express our deep gratitude for your active engagement.

    As we transition from the Open Beta Server, our teams are now concentrating on final tests before introducing General Sasaki to the live servers. 

    Stay tuned for the official launch announcement of General Sasaki!

    Best Regards,
    Your Community Management Team
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