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Update discussion



  • Jewel88 (US1)Jewel88 (US1) US1 Posts: 99
    Yes - you can CLICK ON ANOTHER TAB to see the troops, but you can't see how many men you have left! To do that you have to click on the soldier tab, scroll through the menu above, and read the tiny numbers underneath it!  If you don't have perfect eyesight, you can then CLICK on the soldier to see it better!  How so inconvenient! 

    Presets are not much better! Esp if u need to change men or run out of tools! 


    I tried games like this before and shortly left!  If  knew I need an instruction manual and a magnifying glass to play the game, I would have passed on this a long time ago.  

    To sum up how we feel about the UPDATE OF THE CENTURY:  UGH!
  • NismoMT (INT1)NismoMT (INT1) INT1 Posts: 5
    is the attack screen bugged for anyone? 

    sofor first attack on barons i uncheck left flank and front, and only have wave1 checked... Next attack, left flank and front are unchecked BUT wheni click on auto fill, it still fills allwaves, and all flanks... i'd have to check the boxes ad uncheck them agan for the boxes not to fill up with troops...

    its a very annoying process, double the work honestly. . isthere a way this can be fixed ?!
  • alc5237 (US1)alc5237 (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    My guess is if this attack screen had been tested in a non sandbox setting with limited number of different tools and different lvl troops, gge would realize these small tabs with limited info would be a hassle to use compared to the previous.
  • @ TripHammer - Good post! Although I've tried, I could not say it better myself
  • houlini1 (US1)houlini1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1
    "Update of the Century" is along the same lines as "Covid, the disease of the Decade".

    Not only is it a very unwelcome new guest, but there is little to no instruction on how to do much with it.  I click on the help icons in the Generals' Inn and it tells me to go to Game Help for more information.  And that was last updated...
    20-something-teen?  Well done ggs!
  • I love the chaos xD gge messed up real bad 
    before the update pvp was broken like 20k attacks on 3M def and still got 1:1 kills with overpowered temp look items.
    and the update increased the wall limit and limited the number of troops in cy (stronghold and guardhouses gives more cy limit ? rip logic) and it is still not balanced lol

    game was balanced when there was no temp look items and no relic equipments :neutral: (guess that wasnt making good money profits for gge) 

    ps. we hate the attack screen we have to click on boxes smaller than the mouse cursor :/ and this general guy is taking up more than 50% of the space( i dont care how massive or badass he looks make him look as a small box or just the name of general on screen is enough)
  • Trying to give this a chance, really can't be bothered. Game just went down with less than 1 minutes notice. Really!!!? They don't have the EQ to give folks a few minutes to re-balance?
  • AWC  (US1)AWC (US1) US1 Posts: 348
    I have a question to the moderators.... Is it possible you guys could talk to the community manager or whoever you speak to in the GGE company and ask them are they going to reverse this update? I have not played since the update and will not be unless it's changed. I'm getting sick of waiting, GGE need to give us all answers.
    GGS/GGE have a massive advertisement campaign currently under way globally. Doubt VERY much they will roll back this recent update as they try to sucker in a bunch more stooges to prop up their coffers. IMO
  • Sleeper (INT1)Sleeper (INT1) INT1 Posts: 131
    Does anyone in GGE actually play this game, or just look at it and decide they would like a different look?

    For me just, minor adjustments are required and bugs fixed on attack screen. As mentioned above, trying to see the level number, of troops, bring out the magnifying glass haha (increase zoom doesn't increase that screen). The bug of putting in tools or troops when not required.

    We all should know, there's not many more ways of what to attack and design.

    Thank you mods for all you try, a near thankful task.
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,296
    I suspect this way over-the-top complicated attack UI is actually in response to the rampant bot use that GGE refuses to acknowledge. All those bots are rendered useless now, and by breaking the UI down into several sub-screens coding new bots will be far more challenging. Surely there is a better method of addressing the issue than destroying the critical interface dedicated players are so comfortable with after so many years of use. If my theory regarding bots is incorrect the fact remains: This UI will drive countless thousands of veteran players from the game for a myriad of flaws in it's functionality. It is clear to me that whoever created this, and approved it's deployment, are not regular players. No one that is would inflict this debacle on themselves!

    All of that is aside from the disastrous attempt to "balance" combat. Those elements have been repeatedly pointed out already so I won't add to the cacophony. While resistance and response to change is often more dramatic than real, this time I really believe that unless GGE withdraws their ill-considered destruction of the game mechanics this will be the beginning of the end of a much loved game I've played for over a decade and spent far too much money on. Like many, many long-time players I will cut my losses and move on. Ignoring and disrespecting the studied opinions of your most loyal customer base is unforgiveable...and just plain stupid.
    For starters, actual bots aren't effected by this UI, macros/autoclickers are. Second, There have been 4 ban waves recently that have banned a lot of bot users.

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