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Feedback and Suggestions

Why am I saying this? Someone has to...
Here are some suggestions that would improve the game..
1. Both green Berimond and kingdom Berimond rewards are outdated.
2. Storms rewards outdated.
3. Getting new relic equipments are not guaranteed instead it is only based on gambling your money on luck in buying mystery boxes and spinning wheel of affluence.
4. Quests should give more relic shards as rewards (as we have already spent MANY relic shards in maxing old relic equip which are outdated now)
5. The upgrade time of relic buildings are not acceptable (700 hours? wtf is that xD) atleast masterblacksmith should give more skips at cheaper rates(All the skips 30 mins, 1 hr, 5 hr, 24 hr) Why are we limited only to buy 320 skips while buying from masterblacksmith but can buy infinite amount of skips if bought using money(The Logic)
6. Are players even playing blade coast event lol ?
7. Heres something more fun... there is something called "fusion forges" which no one uses xD
8. It doesnot sound practical for a 20k attack to kill 200k defenders. (Temp build items are expensive and overpowered and hence only whales use it)
9. GGE is now a pure PAY to Win Game. Its would be good if that is written on the login page.
10. Still working on masterblacksmith bug ? 


  • Wheel of fortune rewards are outdated too!! Top 10 position rewards in WOF also need a refresh please.
  • DaemonTargaryen (IN1)DaemonTargaryen (IN1) IN1 Posts: 35
    edited 04.08.2022
    Still there are many changes to be done... but now their focus is on the new wolf event.

    11. Wheel of Fortune rewards.
    12. Nobility contest rewards.(310 po deco for top 1)
    13. Daily Task (100 rubies)
    14. Attack on ShapeShifters

    Anyways they wont listen to f2p players and small spending players.
    Planning on leaving the game :smile:

    Post edited by DaemonTargaryen (IN1) on
  • A few more presets would be handy
  • SUPER-MAC (GB1)SUPER-MAC (GB1) GB1 Posts: 281
    hidden treasures in random barron towers near the edge of the map, like mystery keys or summer mystery boxes, or a dragon that sits on the turrets at your castle and flys around to a different turret every couple of hours and has a defence hit power of 1000, you can only find them in random rare barron towers at edge of the map, these cannot be purchased, a green dragon for range defence and a red dragon for melee defence, 

    but definatly agree with all the above posts the prizes are bad, specially storms, and you need to make fabric pieces more available, random treasure in barrons would be good fabric and keys 
  • Hedgehopper (US1)Hedgehopper (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    edited 09.10.2022
    This is in regards to the Oct 2022 update, and is meant in a constructive manner.
    Commander selection: Don't hide the menu, just show us all commanders and let us choose who we want. Shade the unavailable ones. This will reduce the General's picture, but we don't need a full body shot anyway. (If you're planning on General equipment we can see, just shrink the picture)
    Tools and Autofill: Again, don't hide the menu. Either don't preselect any tool groups, or remember our last selection the way the old system did.
    Tool Selection: Takes a lot longer to fill in event items like Khan chests. Please have the list remain on our previous choice as we move through the waves like it used to. Better still, give us a way to autofill these event items.
    Attack Waves: Show a pic of the actual troop and quantity, like the old system. If you want to overlay the current troop type icon as a watermark, great.
    I've tried to focus on reducing unneeded clicking and hopefully simple improvements.
  • What was wrong with the old attack screen ????? U have added only the generals in this update.. we dont care how massively or badass he looks.. we only care about his abilities.. new generals are taking up the 50% of attack screen and we have to send out troops and tools like entering data in excel sheet xD worst ui 

    just add ur generals thing in a dropdown box in the old attack screen simple enough

    sending attacks taking more time really frustrating :neutral:
  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,352
    edited 12.10.2022
    I too would like to weigh in on this update 

    Firstly i like to apologize to all mods , you will always take the initial flak from players for no other reason , that you are the only humans we come in contacts with , like all company they hide behind you , and let you take the flax , just like any companies do , while they sit in there ivory towers , IT THERE WAY ,OR THE HIGHWAY. and you do promote GGE , what else can you do .

    You still promote this is a okay update , but how can we all be wrong about this update we never ask for attack screen changed from what it was , IF it is not broke DONT fix it , we were expecting a new event or something that was not the same old same old.

    We never imagine this , Sometime the old ways are the best way, i have never been worried about the haves and have not.s
    i just play my own way and that is under protection or free to play . but the core of any company is to keep the customers happy and there not . knowing GGE they will keep pushing forward with this as they know whats good for us.
    Me i past caring and spending , i do my own thing , but again sorry to Mods for any abuse , but like us gge are not worried about mods or us Just the bottom line , if there bottom line is up good for them , but if it is down there the only ones to blame and the person who idea this was.Tony  

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