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Are we going back to old attack screen?

I fear if we do not return to the old attack screen soon, my alliance will be leaderless. I am its leader, and most if not all of my deputies and ranking officers are of same mind. Most of us are not big spenders, but all of us spend on the game. Our rank and file are angry, but many new players don't know what to make of it. I've checked with other alliances on my server (been here almost 8 years, so I know quite a few), and there is a consistent negative consensus.
So, I'm hoping other servers are also aflame, and that they rethink this one. From what I read in forum; they are.
I'm already down to a few minutes a day, for admin stuff mostly- and I seem to spend more time in here trying to get someone to respond to me regarding this change. I can use the new system, although everything takes longer and is geared to autofill and wastes resources. IMO- this is a money grab, that went too far, and will probably cost some decision maker(s) their job. I don't wish that- I hope reason prevails over greed- and necessary changes happen fast. Again, my .02 cents...
Sentinel114 @ usa 1


  • The updates....
    I liked the Horatio story and the generals to use as a help but, this new attack screen, thumbs down big time. I have played this game for a long time, going on 8 years. I would like to know who is making these update decisions. Has the part of the game, Beyond the Horizon, encouraged this? How about us players who just like to relax and play a simple game? We are not considered. I spend enough money on this game and have enjoyed it but the new attack system is making me think twice about leaving the game. People in my alliance and my friends in other alliances feel the same.
  • Rifle (GB1)Rifle (GB1) GB1 Posts: 15
    There is a way to return to the old attack screen but most will refuse to do it and keep bashing away at the corpse of GGE in the hope it answers..

    Go onto youtube and search for GGE.
    Select an old attack tutorial, Breor's channel is my go to.
    take a screenhsot of the old attack screen when its shown on said tutorial.
    download to your device.
    Save it as a background on said device.
    click auto-deletion on the account.
    Enjoy the background while playing something else...I suggest any game that listens to its customer-base ;-)

    Your welcome lol
  • schawny (US1)schawny (US1) US1 Posts: 38
    i can not continue playing this game with the confusing new attack screen. it is terrible. 
    schawny @ usa 1
  • Jewel88 (US1)Jewel88 (US1) US1 Posts: 99
    Change the screen, please!  It is too small for many, confusing to most, and frustrating for everyone!  Players are talking about leaving the game!  This is the BIG ONE -- the one that will further open up real estate in my neck of the woods. Clean off the backup file that has been collecting dust for three days, and introduce updates one at at time!  We don't care if u keep the generals as long as we can defend our castles, support our members, see our attack screens, and can still pee in Q's moat!  

    No rocket scientists required!

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