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Beyond the horizon glitches again Shokking

Hi I wanted to start a thread about the dodgy world of beyond the horizons, for the 3rd time in a row there seems to be another problem, there has been no best seller shop for the whole events, no way to buy the troops or the coins needed for that extra push for individual or to protect the capital, the only way this time has been to buy the ruby packs, ( you can see where I'm going with this thread ), every other time there has been a best seller shop available to buy 500 vet hororrs or 500 vet anything, or 10k coins for 250 rubys, but without this shop all we have is the PO to sell.

Last time I played BTH, at 11:30 pay in time all the city states vanished for a few mins and came back, except all the ones near to me, the time before it also happened, just the ones near to me, littraly please dont say the obvious did some one occupy them, no they didnt, there was over 20 available with white banner city state title tags, no one was on there way they didnt turn red or have any occupation, they littrally vanished, for three times in a row I have spent rubys under the faulse pretence that I can fairly win fabric to upgrade my com stats, but three times in a row I feel I have been cheeted for money and also no compensation for a game glitch that I and many others payed for, we are paying for an experience that we are not getting and nothing is being said or done about it, 3 times in a row I have wasted money on ruby's on a realm that I cannot use them, this time no best seller, its pretty bad really, I will try BTH one last time, if these dodgy glitches happen again I will not waste any more on going there again, I hope this is taken seriously as it's verging on theft.


  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,268
    The bestseller missing is indeed an issue, however, the city state behaviour you see here is intended.
  • Since the very first BTH the city states vanish from the right to the left.

    After running for so long I thought everyone knows it already...

    More precisely:

    Always at 11:30 all city states vanish (as I said, from the right to the left). As long new playery come theiy towns will add to one of the 4 sides. And when the map expands in an area where city states might come there will come new! city states, no matter its on the right, left, top or down side of the map.

    But those city towns at the right side of the map will only be there one time till they will vanish at 11.30.

    The last time the map expands is obviously the latest time you can get into BTH. So you should move your city to the left side of the map. Not to the middle or where you still see city states or whereever.

    If you move too close to this last time you can get into BTH, every single position at the left side of the map is already taken by other players. So dont wait too long.

    If you want to get a better idea how exactly those city states vanish, you could mark positions, where you still find city states after 11:30. Be careful at the first days where new players can still get into BTH to dont look at the newest edges of the map, because those come from the players who just came into BTH.

  • lierre (INT3)lierre (INT3) FR1 Posts: 319

    Always at 11:30 all city states vanish

    This could be a suggestion; that the time changes with each new session, to give each country as much chance over a whole year.
    IT IS NOT 11.30 FOR ALL COUNTRIES !!!!!!!!!
  • SUPER-MAC (GB1)SUPER-MAC (GB1) GB1 Posts: 261
    Yeah it must be hard for some countries, 4:30 am etc,  or when there at work, its hard to get a good ballance for the world time zones, I think GBP currency has the highest profit exchange rate, so we may get a little favoured, but not in the way as it works out more expensive for every ruby purchase for us compared to some countries, but thats life, I think a sujestion going for wards would be to just leave the city states where they are, why just disapeer some of them, it doesnt make sense, its already a hard place to do well, unless you spend spends spend sand fill the cart with XP points thers only a few winners, I mean spenders lol, where the skill, I mean the bank card, anyway beyond this I think they should just keep the city states, you could get city states first day or two, then move your castle to some and they disapeer, its a bit well, a joke tbh, then you have to wait 2 weeks to move again for an event that last 6 or 7 days, so many outdated things and the planning of such is very bad, we still get the oppertunity for uniqque coms just before we get relic, we get a samuria invasion that you need to get a full set of armour but by the time it comes again your level 70 and dont need the rest of the set, hahah, its a mess tbh, the comanders like the queens defence, its useless its somethink you can only do or get when ya level 70, with stats far beyond a relic, why, I mean can they not update these things at the same time when they bring new stuff, its just pointless crap, anyway I'm ranting on again, I think this city state situation needs sorting out tho, some places they return , some places they dont its not good, bad game planning.
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,268
    The game is mainly based in the EU, that explains where the preference lies when it comes timezones for events.
  • you don't need to spend money in BTH you just need to learn the tricks of how to do it, if you get timing right you don't even have to move to lefthand side, it does however involve a bit of maths. However it's the most boring event going and therefore we (my alliance) don't bother with it as much as we possibly should. It's such a rinse repeat, the toxic cities was at least a decent one to do and involved skill more than rubies. 
  • SUPER-MAC (GB1)SUPER-MAC (GB1) GB1 Posts: 261
    its the only realistic way to get fabric,i get 1.8 million points average everytime from a £2:50 spend and I gaurantee its impossible to get individual without spend, you need the 50k ruby pack really, if not for the troops for the coins, selling PO items in a few city states is not enough, no were near enough, you also need the rubys for the extra comanders, you need to be hitting 50 pluss capitals, no questions needed you cannot win top 400 individual without spend, and i have realised £2:50 is not enough, if your after alliance prizes you need whoever has the capital to buy the XP in the cart and level up to 70, and have a good plan for getting food in the capital and holding thousands of troops, its costs to much if you play in the UK compared to what other countries pay, what we might pay £10 for another country would pay the equivelent of £2, tbh I think you need to be spending £10, and 550 fabric will only get you 10% courtyard and 10% of 2 others, I would like to get 4000 fabric so I can get 60% extra courtyard but its too hard pushed and focued to spending  lot, and also using every minuet of the day for 7 days to realistically get anywere in that realm, is it really worth £100 or maybe more in the end to get your 60% courtyard, lol, never mind the melee range flank and front extra you get, its ridiculess, there needs to be more ways to get fabric,and lets be honest in rewards in nomads or glory hits the fabric is on page 10 or summit its ridiculess, and you only get 1 piece hahah, there is a handfull of alliances that even reach page 10 or wotever page it maybe, its a ridiculess target, lets be honest, 5000 huge chests will get you about 60k 70k tablets, 14k rubys, I personally get the royal ones but only makes a small diference, even the emp banners, your getting what 3 or 4 mill glory a hit on average decent player, you only get 5 hits from the 5000, 24k rubys best part of a 5er, or 10 dollars if your in america hahah, yeah the horsetails your only puling 1 to 2 mill, and thats if you have a sundial, im not talking about mead players that can actually get some were on hard + or extreame, they will obviosly get a bit more glory, but dam its ridiculess, with a 5 wave sundial on hard and fortifying the castle the most your getting is 4 mill maybe at a push, ive done it few times, i dont have my 5th wave yet tho, but it seems so favoured to when your leg 950 or over 650, the fabric you will probably finally get when you dont really need it as much, there needs to be some change here, realistic targets and realistic goals so people can progress, maybe include fabric in the shabby storm island prizes or somthing, fabric in the nobility prizes, we need more fabric availability
  • bazzara (GB1)bazzara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 285
    its good that you still would like to progress
    for me how the last year has been with this game  i see no point in progressing it does more harm than good 
    there are things you can do in bth to make it easier but you will never finish in the top 100 thats been fixed for a long time now and one reason our alliance never does it anymore 

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