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Fair Play - What Fair Play?

Pawla (AU1)Pawla (AU1) AU1 Posts: 22
edited 11.05.2022 in Players ask Players
I am on the Australian Server 1. 

I am leader of a small training alliance called Vampires. 

Last week an alliance with 4 members in it started sabbing me.  From Friday to Tuesday I have received 126 sabs from the following players:-

p.motel great
Josey Grosey

21 sabs today alone (10/05/2022).

21 sabs today alone (11-05-2022) from Empire_kat and FreedomFighter.

I have asked them to stop.  I have sabbed one member (once) back in all his castles as he did to me 2 times and then they kept sabbing me over and over again and so I declared on them. 

I offered them peace 2 days later with no tribute.  Wanting to discuss the sabbings in a calm, adult manner but they were not interested.

Now, on a daily basis I am burning everywhere.  It is stopping me from enjoying my game play.

I have not touched these players.

Vampires has not massed, attacked or sabbed them within the last 4 months until I declared war on them this past weekend.

I asked for support and I received none - what can you really do?  sabs aren't illegal and blah blah blah.

I wrote to GGE support advising that I thought they were multies and that it was impeding my enjoyment but nothing has been done about it.

So, once again the innocent fall by the way side when it comes to bullies.

Leader - Vampires
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