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Discussion Thread: October Update 2021



  • fuggett (US1)fuggett (US1) US1 Posts: 11
    also, u have to spend 5-6 hundred a month to be competitive, that's ridiculous.
    fuggett, just FUGGETT..lol
  • Joshy262 (AU1)Joshy262 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 45
    Why are the storm islands rewards so bad? its a 30 day event and the o0uter realms is a 7 day event surely the rewards for storm need to be 5x better than the outer realms rewards to be worth doing.

  • aalegr002 (ES2)aalegr002 (ES2) ES2 Posts: 58
    Make the amount of gold we get from events reasonable please

  • mave (GB1)mave (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6
    Lower players in my alliance  are complaining  that   if and when they win gold and silver pieces they cannot spend them  ,as the blacksmith does not go to lower level castles  
  • Dear players,
     here you can discuss the update.

    With the modernization and upgrading of buildings, for example, the castle tower, when vandalism is sent and is burned, it takes a lot of time to repair it, and this is an exaggeration.
    It is unfair that I have more than 400,000 cannons and my castle is burned as soon as sabotage is sent, even if I increase the guard houses, it is tried again and again to burn the castle and the buildings
    It is a provocative thing. I hope the sabotage will be canceled and the burning of the castle will be satisfied during the victory in a battle

  • A rumor spread among the game community for Arab servers consisting of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1, the League of Arab States, Egypt 1 and the United Arab Emirates 1
    It will merge these servers into one server
    What is the truth of this news? I hope it helps. Thank you
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