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Playing with no OP's is just fine for me and maybe just right for you too.

FatherPretzel (US1)FatherPretzel (US1) US1 Posts: 550
edited 30.12.2021 in General Discussion
As you all know there is an alliance on the US1 server that is taking many players OP's via level 13 Alt accounts.  

GGE allows it so many of us just have had to adjust our playing style or go into a retirement alliance, or just plain quit the game.

I was thinking of leaving/quitting or going into a retirement alliance but many, many players around me in Green wondered what was going on as they are in small or med alliances that just chill and do events.  After the PM's I decided to see how playing with no OP's if  I or any player could still do events decently.  I am a low spender at best ($4.99 outer's with 200% bonus sometimes).

First off, after that alliance took my OP's I did get back about 90% of the stuff I had in them that mattered just like Poseidon X said in his knowledge base post.  Only thing I wish I would have gotten back was the barracks which was in a Military District.  But otherwise all the deco's, most relic buildings, and there relic widgets came back to my storage.  Even got the districts back.

So I decided to set up Ice, Sand, and Fire as they are just sitting there not doing not much at least for me.  Well let me tell you, with the stuff I got back and the few construction/upgrade tokens I had from events I had Sand and Fire up and running just like my OP's in 2 hours.   
Once I got the hang of playing this way it is less stress and just find for this event player.   I will tweak the lands a bit more but they are basically done.  The biggest benefit is there is nothing to lose as any alliance, not just that jerk one cannot take anything anymore so all work is mine to keep.  With private RV's they or anyone cannot take those either.   So much less stress and worry now.

I put Fire/Loot Casts at all 4 places so I never get fires at all as between the cast commander and the fire station I am at 100% coverage minimum (Green is over 125% with the HoL).  I have been hit a couple of times by them the last week and all they got was a bit of resources that I do not miss.   I do not play with negative food or mead anywhere so I could be hit 100 times non-stop in any land and never lose much of anything.   Maybe if they used a destroy commander I might lose a building now and then but that would be rare.  

So if you want to play and have a less stress experience this way may be worth a try.  

I am so glad I listened to some of my online friends in other alliances and stayed.  Sorry HippityHoppity.

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  • Imperius (GB1)Imperius (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,088
    The only thing they do is inflate your MP which I doubt you care about instead of getting on maps again, you should focus on getting ones that are completely off-map you were clustered so you were easy pickings 
    Imperius @EN1

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