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Is it legal to have your outpost STOLEN

I am putting this question out there .

I am a player of over 9 years, i went on my own and started my own Alliance and left war
But the whole Pirats alliance have taken all my outpost and clear all castle , in this Day and age with bulling and racism and terrible comments , and then being wrote blackmail message,

Are GGE supporting this behaviour , i paid real money for my account , and it feels like theft as if they stole from pocket, i know alliance hold onto accounts and then give them to other players.

But an active player having there outpost taken , and there is nothing i could do , while they use proxy accounts with cheap currency 

I always respected GGE terms and conditions but they do not respect loyal customers


  • DaishoDaisho Moderator Posts: 234
    it's not illegal to capture outposts, I don't think GGS are actively supporting outpost captures as they are technically just a part of the game. Not to say it is right what is happening, but from GGS' perspective it looks like everything is normal.

    Outposts are a bit of a liability in my eyes, I dropped most of my ops as I didn't need them/want them. The game is much easier this way and actually cheaper - don't need to maintain as many castles with troops/PO etc etc.
  • Pisky (GB1)Pisky (GB1) GB1 Posts: 541
    Is the reason why many players have left the game, spent time and real money building up Op's to see them captured by unscrupulous players, many of which do not really want them, and hide behind the GGE T&C, that its not illegal. Its something players have been asking for now for years, to make Op's non hostile cappable. 
    For as many for the idea, there are voices against, many of which of course are ones that do it. Some call it bullying, some harrasment, which as most of us are aware is true, but not enough for GGE to change anything. This means that @BM_Daisho suggesting is done by many players, especially those that have had it done to them.
  • bazzara (GB1)bazzara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 290
    i think its also how they do it like making up a new accounts take an outpost then drop the outpost as soon as they can  and one month later the new low level castle goes to ruin that took the op 
    in gge eyes this is ok
     but like whats been said its the last straw for alot of players 
    also daisho there are still players that play the game different to you the game should still look after them building an outpost up over six years to see it pinched but never  actually used by the ones that pinched it is not right 

  • Mario 999 (ASIA1)Mario 999 (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 165
    I have always been against hostile taking of ops, you are right we pay money to build them and get them to a point then some "bigger" alliance can just basically take your money, not good, people say its part of the game and yes it is but not a good part.
  • yes it is now ok to steal outpost how you know gg fixed it that way so no body could defend the outpost gg wants everyone to loose there outpost it is the new way to play the game there is only attack in the new relic upgrades so you dont need metros, kts, capitals and ops, that is the old game they bring in new game be happy enjoy the gg slap down
  • Pisky (GB1)Pisky (GB1) GB1 Posts: 541
    All you can do is what many already do, and many more will do. Play without Op's! Maybe then GGE will think about protecting players investments, ie, OP'S. until then bullys will keep doing it.

    I would also suggest that if you think thats its going to happen to you, think about your actions. If you are going to lose it, then give it up without telling anyone. Strip out deco's and build items, and small stuff, after 24 hrs it resorts to robbers, so all upgrades and spending will disapear, you lose it, BUT so do they. It works I've done it, alright i lose something, but it was my own choice, and no-one got it. If you are an mainly an eventer, you only need your mains built up, so its cheaper, easier, and less hassle, think about it.
  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,352
    Yes i agree , but mine were taking but whilst they took them eventually most ruby buildings were destroy lol , but what i have done has, i have built 2 more outposts . But with no ruby buildings and i have level 3 stables so when i send cleaners with no coins or feathers it takes 16 hours , if they have early warnings towers , so they pick up the attacks earlier .

    I have mixed responces like open gates or wins , i send every hour whilst i am on , and because i have nothing better do lol,
    I was 2 weeks from leaving game , but since they were stolen , i been re-energised , and i am also a F2P NOW , so in one way gge loses my custom and i have free fun , it is a win win, red screens all day baby 
  • tequila101 (INT1)tequila101 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 35
    ...maybe start asking why OPs have been taken.
    ...capturing OPs is part of GGE's game mechanics and technically there's nothing wrong with.
    ...you did right. bounce back... make new OPs and enjoy the game. 
    ...there is no point whining for something that can't be undone. 
    ...there's the famous saying: if you can't beat them join them... so maybe if you also start capturing OPs from others like they do with yours, maybe your perspective will change... 
    ...big alliances do transfer of OPs... so capturing and losing OPs are no different from each other. 
    ...it's just how other people view it. others view it as capture and others losing it view it as stealing... and others view it as gge's game mechanics. 
    ...OPs are simply a game collateral. 

  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,352
    Best thing ever , when they took my outpost , i am free as a bird , and the garbage that took them , now get what they deserve for as long as i play , no forgivenes lol it has made my game a pleasure to play F2P, losers Pirats and GGE 
  • John Titor (INT1)John Titor (INT1) INT1 Posts: 247
    At least they should FIX that when low level captures the op, capture player should deal as lvl70 player or minimum that lvl who was target. Now its impossible clear flag if get supported.

    I dont understand why studios not fix this and actually because this game is all ready broke so many ways, it would not does much harm if you could protect your outposts permanently if wanted, without buying bird/protection.

    Trolling and rolling since ....... who knows?

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