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I wanted to ask why I don't get events like: khan, berimond. I'm only level 16. In my old profile, I remember events happening earlier. Do you have to wait here or how? Thanks


  • since april update the minimum lvl required for events has rised
    a full list of it

    • Samurai Invasion: Level 10+

    • War of the Realms: Level 20+

    • Collector Events: Level 20+

    • Nomad Invasion: Level 30+

    • Beyond the Horizon: Level 30+

    • Battle for Berimond: Level 40+

    • Bloodcrows invasion: Level 40+

    • Bladecoast: Level 45+

    • Berimond Invasion: Level 50+

    • Seasonal event (LTPE): Level 50+

    • Shapeshifter: Level 55+

    • Kingdoms League: Level 70+

    • Outer realms: Level 70

  • Pisky (GB1)Pisky (GB1) GB1 Posts: 541
    I think you are passing on false information, so you need to leave the answering to players who know the answers
  • CET (FR1)CET (FR1) FR1 Posts: 24

    • Invasion des samouraïs : Level 10

     • Guerre des royaumes : Level 20

    • Evènements de collection: Level 20

    • Invasion nomade : Level 30

    • Par-delà l'horizon: Level 30

    • Les Îles orageuses: Level 35

    • La bataille de Bérimond: Level 40

    • Les corbeaux de sang: Level 45

    • La Côte tranchante: Level 45

    • Accès au Festival :Level 50

    • Invasion de Bérimond: Level 50

    • Evénement saisonnier (mensuel): Level 50

    • Les métamorphes: Level 55

    • Ligue du Royaume: Level 70

     • Royaumes Extérieurs: Levl 70

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