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December Ruby Competition

Hi all,

I have been slacking on the competitions but here is one for this month..

What’s it about? 
• You shall write three things:
     • What do you wish for
     • What are you thankful for
     • What is your resolution for the next year
• All of them must be game or community related
     • Don’t share any details about your (or anyone’s) private/personal life!

• I will be looking for the nicest, the most heart-warming, the sweetest, the most genuine entries. This time it’s not about being funny. Please try to keep it positive ;)
• Be original. If you just copy previous entries, you won’t win. 

 • We will have 5 winners, with each one of them getting 20,000 rubies.
 • One of the winners (randomly selected) will also receive Throne of the Teal Dynasty decoration with PO 2100 (it's Throne of the Community decoration in teal colour)

• Only one entry per person
• Follow forum guidelines

The contest starts now and runs until 3rd December 23:59 CET.



  • ghertoi (RO1)ghertoi (RO1) RO1 Posts: 7
    • What do you wish for - rubies,ranged samurai attackers :smile:
         • What are you thankful for - dragons,fortresses,friends i made along the way 
         • What is your resolution for the next year -  at least 2.5k PO items on every location and big mead productions 
  • What a challenging year of changes for the Kingdoms. It is my wish that all the Kingdoms on the globe come together and show the world WE ARE FAMILY, even if it is a pixel Family.  Being thankful for our ability to have the time to get together, make new friends, and explore new lands is priceless. As we forge into a New Year, here's to wishing that everyone, everywhere, care about the person behind the Kingdoms and  take a moment to say a silent prayer for any and all players still struggling with and or lost to the real life threats that surround us all.  May their be peace in our future, good health to all, and may our Kingdoms blessings abound. 
  • Wish- to have a good time in gge and not get too caught up at the same time
    Thankful for the players that send 24k resources when I send 250 to complete a daily
    Resolution for next year- more resource production because right now I just can't breathe
  • roosje1 (NL1)roosje1 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 35
    - I wish for the game to be less p2w and more for players who don't pay money. 
    - I am thankful for Goodgame Studios for at least trying to do the right thing with events etc. and not doing many stupid things for the game.
    - Just have a good time with my alliance and try to get as far as possible :smile:
  • delasser (NL1)delasser (NL1) NL1 Posts: 13
    edited 23.11.2021
    Ik wens iedereen gelijke kansen toe in dit spel. Ik wil dat ze de robijnspelers het tegen elkaar laten uitvechten en zo de anderen mogelijke gelijke kansen kunnen geven. Ik wens dat zeer sterke en grote acc de kleintjes niet meer kunnen lastig vallen
      Ik wens het repecteren van de fairply door iedereen.
    Ik ben echt dankbaar dat ik dit spel heb leren kennen
    Ik ben GGE dankbaar dat mij geholpen heeft om een ​​zeer moeilijke periode door te komen. Ik ben dankbaar dat ik in een bg ben terecht gekomen waar ik zeer vriendschappelijke banden heb kunnen smeden. Ik ben dit spel en mijn medespelers , mijn bg, dankbaar dat ik die zware periode achter mij heb kunnen laten. Ik ben echt dankbaar voor de hulp die ik heb gekregen om dit spel onder de knie te krijgen.
    Ik wens iedereen veel speelvreugde toe, ik wens iedereen zeer veel succes toe ikzelf ga trachten op een eerlijke manier dit spel te spelen in al zijn diverse onderdelen en trachten mij vast in de top 100 nestelen

  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,277
    That stealing outpost cheap account and multi will be ultimately banned for good

    For me 9 years of fun and the friends i met the crazy the compassionate the fighters and mainly the free to play members , whom with out there commitment the game would never have been the same , this game needs all players , except cheats.

    My resolution is that the first answer will come to fruition , and god willing i get more years to play , if not i do not know what i will do 
  • A good time in GoodGame Empire.

    having fun with other players, making jokes with them, help eachtother.

    My resolution is to become a good player, from level 70/120

    (I'm sorry for my terrible english)
  • Acid-Rain (US1)Acid-Rain (US1) US1 Posts: 10
    I wish for another wonderful year of growing the Alpha Omega family as it will be 6 years since I and my leader started building the alliance from the ground up. also more dragon forts in fire or a quicker cool down time on them.

    I am thankful for my allies, and team members that have become like a second family to me. 

    My resolution for next year is to be a better deputy and lead more beyond the horizon chargers to get us more fabric so we can pvp harder and fight the new invasion targets at higher levels without so many troops lost.
  • Didi123 (FR1)Didi123 (FR1) FR1 Posts: 11
    je souhaiterais avoir de nouveau évènement 
    je suis reconnaissante a mon alliance et mes amis
    ma résolution pour l année prochaine es de faire plus de pillage 
  • What do you wish for---I wish GGE would stop over hauling this game every 2 years and then forcing us to change with the game or quit. These changes are harder for some people to make than you might think.  And I have lost a lot of friends because of the mead/men changes. GGE makes it way to hard to collect sceat, upgrade tokens and BTH res. Oh and while we are wishing for things---I wish GGE would do away with Beyond The Horizon or shorten it to 4 days.

    What are you thankful for--I am thankful for the people I play this game with. They are a good group and I am grateful that I can continue to be a part of them.  Not all GGE experiences are great ones.  And I am not so dense that I don't know that I am just as responsible for the bad times as anyone else. It is a battle game. You make decisions and you live with them. Best one I have made so far has been joining Alpha Omega.

      What is your resolution for the next year--My resolution for next year it to make 5 new friends in the game and work at building those relationships. Most people think I am an outgoing person.  It's not really true. I am going to work on that.

    Dianna.KiddGam3 @ usa 1
  • Kevwalk (GB1)Kevwalk (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6
     What do you wish for - Fair play - kindness - cheats to be removed - it is a war game but some players seem to think its good to try and destroy what players have spent time, skill in building up just for a laugh
         • What are you thankful for - The comradery - the laughs -   
         • What is your resolution for the next year - to hopefully survive for a few more years
  • What I wish for is a quest based prize package where you would be given a series of prize packages (similar to some that are given as specials or ruby purchases)  So for example, if one wanted to earn a thousand glory flags, they would have to perform a series of tasks, and the level of difficulty of the series chosen would dictate how much glory the flags would be worth.  I wish this as many of our fellow players that I have met (online virtually, not physically) have had various levels of ability to participate when we have world wide gaming (such as the Beyond the Horizon or other events where multiple countries are involved)the ability to have access to higher level bonus packages.

    I am thankful that we have the world wide events so that we get the chance to share stories with folks from other countries and compete in the spirit of fun as we learn about other players and their stories.

    My resolution for next year is to hopefully get my children playing along with my wife and brother in law that already play.
  • Hi all at first :)

    - My biggest wish is that everyone in GG community stay healthy and happy in these tough times we live in at the moment, stay positive and enjoy the game we all fell in love with

    - What i am thankful for is good friendship and good people in this game that gave me special amazing moments that i will always remember for the rest of my life, moments that lasted few seconds or minutes but made me forget hours of stress

    - My resolution for next year is to keep playing and improving, create new moments of fun for me and my citizens and keep grinding till 10 mill might points
  • What I wish for: I genuinely wish that gge gives more opportunities to low lvl players in terms of events  :smile: and also the reintroducing of reworked versions of the old events(The Underworld, Thorn Kingdom etc..)

    What Iam thankful for: I am thankful for the friends whom I had made during my time in the game and also for the 2.5k and 3.6k decos that we are now able to earn from events.

    My resolution: be more positive with people in game :) , help low lvl players and also spend less time on screen and use that time to develope better strategies 

  • harty (US1)harty (US1) US1 Posts: 1
    As a new player I would wish for : Rubies , Skips and an extra shiny food/stone Op .
    What are you thankful for : Im thankful for the resources supplied to me by other members of my Alliance .
    What is your resolution for the next year : To reach level 70 and see what Legendary Levels are all about .
  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 710
    Wish for is ggs can finally rid uk server of the cheats in darkbrotherhood
    Thankful I don't waste loads of money on this game.
    resolution drink more 

  • • What do you wish for : To join ~Vendetta~ alliance then join Apex Empire alliance.
    • What are you thankful for : My leader mindcontrole and my friend Sigismund XII always support me.
    • What is your resolution for the next year : Build lots of farmhouses to increase food production.
  • what wish for -BLUE CHEST BOX WITH FREE 50,000-ruby present from gge  for XMAS for every player for been in here and supporting the hive  in the game over the years ;0)
    Thankful  for - this  place to ponder freely  for few a hours in pixel bliss world from  busy hectic  RL
    Resolution -Try enter more often in  outers and horizon to obtain useful fabric , construction tokens so I dont just quit the game due to stagnation of castles improving and development ;0)

  • eibbed62 (AU1)eibbed62 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 394
    In these troubled times, when we can't go travelling in real life, I am thankful that we are still able to come together with friends from around the globe, to share a game that we all enjoy, to foster and build friendships and to escape for however short a time, from our daily stresses.

    In the next year, I hope to continue being a friend to all I encounter in the game, I will keep sharing my resources and knowledge wherever I can. I will delight in the achievements of my team members, and I will try to remember to maintain a good balance between the game and my real life.

    And what do I wish for? The time, the energy, the strength, and the good health to keep playing, and the same for all my team members. ........ Oh Yeah ....... and 20 million rubies to fall from the sky into my account!!!!   ;)

    Thanks and keep on keeping on.
    eibbed62 @ au 1

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