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BTH materials available somewhere else

Not going into how BTH is a Whale event and has been for a player to get any real rewards.

But is it getting time to make the materials available somewhere or somehow else.

It is harder and harder to get players to go there as the rewards and effort are just not worth it unless you are in one of the few whale alliances or join them if invited.

Last time it ran a few weeks ago we were able to get 15 to go over and got the bottom rewards so a whole 5 fabric.....   Of course even with spending a little the big alliance just took it away like usual.  So more and more just give up playing it.

This time we cannot get anyone interested in being leader or even going over beyond maybe 3 or 4 players which would just be useless 99.9% of the time.

I know that some alliances have players go to them right before it starts to fill up a team so they use that as a work around.  But unless you are a buyer/spender none want you no matter how hard you grind.

GGE really needs to open up getting the stuff some other way. 

Justinlegoboy @ usa 1


  • I know it is most likely a waste of time but just venting on another aspect of GGE planning and such.

    I figure once all the Whales got the stuff and move on GGE will open it up to get elsewhere....or....GGE will invent something semi useful for Whales and need the stuff.

    I have noticed that less and less are really playing it.   It is the same or a variation of the same groups in the top  winners rewards.  

    So like Poseidon X says I am just starting to forget about doing it and will move on.   Same with the sceats also on trying to get.

    I will say I have alot more free time for Real Life last few months and see that not changing in the future by GGE Studio actions.   So I can say that is a positive for what they are doing.  LoL
    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1
  • Poseidon X AngelPoseidon X Angel Moderator Posts: 1,357
    I know it's not quite the same but the temp build items are a pretty good replacement for the bth items, they are even stronger and cheaper. Without any bth items, you can still get attacks around 9.5k troops. Now like I said, these aren't bth items but in my book it sort of counts.
  • Yes I did look at them and as a low buyer it is mostly for the bigger buyers in my opinion.  And of course to win them in BTH you have to be in one of the top alliances.  That is something out of reach for most of us to even get in one time.

    I also notice that they only did 1 item for Defense also you can get in the MBS.

    We have already been hit with the 8 - 9K troops several times.  All we can do is firecast or open gates on these attacks Poseidon X as most of these semi whales or whales will just resend the attack if they happen to lose the first round or even the 2nd or 3rd.   That is why we do not resend back as just no use as they will be holding 200, 300, 400K Defense each player.   One alliance even has a requirement of 400K minimum defense to even be considered for joining.   

    But as a alliance it is also hard to keep defending when they are using level 5 or 10 Vals and all most of our players have for Defense troops are the ones we win in rewards.

    Also they buy the extra waves and all the boosts so the CY is out of this world and no way to get even close to their numbers.

    Might be fun you you all but those on the other end it is no fun.  That is why I mentioned we have lost 8 decent players last month or two.   GGE Studio is making the buyers stronger and leaving us F2P or low buyers to just be fodder for them.

    Not complaining just stating a fact and at some point there will be very very few F2P players and even low buyers for the buyers to hit.   Not sure what they will do then for attacking.   Of course these observations are strictly for the US server.

    Justinlegoboy @ usa 1

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