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Totally new event in game

Hi everyone, would like to suggest and say that this game desperately needs new in-game event, not separated like outer and hori but in-game event beside nomads, sams, beri and glory events we need something new with new theme and everything about it. I thought we would get that long time ago but still nothing not event hints around. 

It would spark interest and make game refresh little bit, there are a lot of ideas in my head and i woukd like if others have something in mind to write here and maybe give some good idea and spark the brains in gg administration to do something cool that we need.

Beside that not implementing side events like thorn king and underworld is unexplainable really, it made game more fun and out of usuall and ordinary events that we have every 4 days. It can be brought so easily like blade coast without any problem and effort.

For me it is unexplainable why we dont get that back ( I still cant get over loosing royal capital event too ) but i hoped that in this year we will finally get more different events or at least get beack ones that we used to love and play...

Game need some refresh after so many years loyal playerbase deserves more care abt that. I mean look other games, this game survived for so long and earned a lot of money, still earing a lot of money cause loyal playerbase is still strong, players deserve new things, maybe small updates too on things like metros and capitals too, make tem usefull again, or inventing something new that will affect map like raoyal capitals did, it made that event special cause its totally different and it gave players something special, benefits that others dont have, now its just storm but we need more.


  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 705
    couldn't agree more , game needs some changes in green , new events and maybe new pvp
    events as well . but not another outers event and can't believe with so many people
    working from home past year ggs couldn't come up some new events instead of same old ones
    over and over again.
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    I know why nothing new in game like that.  With all the lockdown rules in Germany there isn't enough in person time for hands on testing to see which new reaming method(cough) -err event will hurt the most.  I'm sure we'll get a ton of 'improvements'(one or two which might actually be improvements) once the don't go farther than your bedroom door restrictions are lifted in Germany.  Die 4th Reich, die!  Governments around the world are enacting back door martial law like it's going out of style.....

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