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Make capitals and metros great again !

Like title is saying, it would be nice to rework something abt metros and capitals and make new benefits from them for the players that have them and for the whole alliance where metros and capitals are. :) 

It will bring more joy and benefit for players and alliances and make those buildings usefull again, worth investing in etc.
Old bonuses are totally useless nowadays and for such a great buildings it is really sad that it lost on its importance, maybe it will bring more interes to other alliances and players to fight for it. Anyway change is needed..


  • jper (IN1)jper (IN1) IN1 Posts: 19

    I m in IN1

    I searched and searched and there were only two metropolis and 0

  • Blitzkrieg (IN1)Blitzkrieg (IN1) IN1 Posts: 30
    edited 29.01.2021
    Maybe introduce cavalry?
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  • allmine (AU1)allmine (AU1) AU1 Posts: 4
    you can just increase metro bonus from 250+ to a percentage bonus like 5/10% or make it +2.5-5k that would make them worth while +250 is next to useless now and i have a metro its just a pain to defend and in a war its a hinderance for 250 id happily let it go not really worth anything to 99% of people other than as 1 more castle 

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