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Knowledge Thread 2021



  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270

    Build Items

    Premium Relic Food Production Build Item ( Adds 1100-3000 food)
    You can build this item with materials you win in the Beyond the horizon event, alternatively you can win these at level 10 from the Wheel by getting yourself a top 10 position. You will want 10 of these items in every castle.

    Base Food Production Build Item ( Can add up to 264 food to your base production)
    These items can be won at level 20 by winning any of the major events apart from Berimond or purchased in the Super Sale. These items will greatly improve your food production and are definitely needed, you can get up to 15 of these in your castle.

    Food Production Build Item  ( Can add up to 200 food to your production)
    These items are great for starters and can be built with cheap materials. Every one of these items will add 200 food to your production once they are level 10. However, at a higher level you might want to replace these with the items previsouly mentioned.

    Food Storage Build Item  ( Can add up to 275k food storage to your total)
    This item is great for everyone and can either by built to level 10 or bought at level 25. Either way, everyone should one in each castle to increase their food storage.

    Premium Relic Food Storage Build Item  (can add up to 60k food storage to your total)
    This item is similar to the previous one but this item can be built with Beyond the Horizon materials or won at level 8 from the Wheel by getting first place.
    I suggest everyone to get this item at lvl 1 to begin with.

    Recruitment Cost Build Item  (can reduce costs by 40%)
    This item speaks for itself. It can be built with basic materials and should be on all your barracks.

    Espionage Speed Build Item (Increases your agents their travel speed by 60%)
    You can have 3 of these items in your main castles to increase your travel speed by 180%.
    These items can also be built with basic materials and are fairly cheap.

    Wall Capacity Build Item (Increases the amount of troops you can hold on the wall)
    This is a great item to improve the chances of you holding the wall and can be built up to level 10 or bought at level 25.
    I suggest everyone has this item on their keep and considers investing in one of the more costly items if they get attacked often.

    Base Honey Production Build Item (Increases your base honey production)
    This is one of the more advanced items and is unlocked after level 650. This item works the same as the Base Food items you put on your granaries. This item can be built with Beyond the Horizon materials and I suggest you keep these at level 1
    (reason will be explained in a different thread)

    Relic Honey Production Build Item (This item increases your honey production by 1100-3000)
    This item can be put in to the round relic slot on your apiaries and will increase your honey production by a flat amount.
    I suggest leaving these at level 1 for the time being.

    Relic Mead Production Build Item (This item increases your mead production by 5100-7000)
    This item goes in to the relic slot of your brewery and gives you a small amount of mead. I suggest everyone to keep this item at level 1. 

    Market Barrow Build Item (Greatly increases the amount of resources you can send)
    This is once again a cheap build item to craft and I suggest everyone to get this item at the maximum level for all their marketplaces.

    Relic Flank Space Build Item
    This Item is fairly expensive and can be built with Horizon Materials to increase your flank limit.

    Relic Front Space Build Item
    This Item is fairly expensive and can be built with Horizon Materials to increase your Front limit.

    Relic Courtyard Strength Build Item
    This Item is fairly expensive and can be built with Horizon Materials to increase your Courtyard Strength

    Relic Ranged Strength Build Item
    This Item is fairly expensive and can be built with Horizon Materials to increase your Ranged Strength

    Relic Melee Strength Build Item
    This Item is fairly expensive and can be built with Horizon Materials to increase your Melee Strength

  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 11.01.2021

    Food Production

    Food production is calculated like this:
    Base food * Productivity * Workload + Flat item.
    Base food is a combination of your Base Food Build Item and your Granary its base production.
    Your Productivity is the sum of many things, like your Public order, VIP level, overseer and many more things.
    Your workload is dependent on how many buildings you have. The workload scales down like this:

    Keep in mind your 0% Granaries will still produce food but only if it's a Flat Food Production build Item.
    Luckily the game has changed its system so that it automatically adjusts your workload to make sure all the items are in the correct Granary. Gone are the days of putting your expensive build items in a granary that doesn't use them to their fullest potential.

    Click here to see the spreadsheet

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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 19.01.2021

    Mead Production and How to use the Brewery efficiently

    Mead Production is a more complicated but at the same time simpler system than Food Production.
    The Idea of mixing 2 sorts of production together to get 1 seems to scare people, but rest assured, there is no reason to.
    The way mead works is quite simple, for these examples I will use a castle that has 10 Apiaries and a level 14 brewery.

    For starters, you will need food and honey to create mead, for every 3 food and 1 honey you can produce 1 base mead.
    I explained how Food production works in the previous thread. Honey is very similar but there are less bonusses applied to it. You will want to put down 10 Apiaries at level 1 and equip each one of them with a level 1 base item and a + 1100 item.
    This is the cheapest way of getting a decent amount of honey. Now put a +5100 Relic Mead item on your Brewery.

    To get your mead production up and running you go in to your brewery and set it up as follows.
    You set the first bar at 100%, you don't touch the Food stock limit and you max out the Honey stock limit.
    Press "save changes".
    By doing this you ensure the game won't use more Honey than your produce, it does this by cutting down on how much it uses when it notices it goes below your stock limit. You have set this limit at the maximum value and thus the game instantly reduces how much it uses to make sure you don't go below that value.

    You might have noticed that you are getting more mead an hour than you would expect, this is because your brewery first produces Base Mead. This number is the result of putting 3 food and 1 honey together.
    This Base Mead is then multiplied by the productivity of your brewery to create your total Mead Production.
    This is also the number you see in your brewery when setting everything up.

    ** Please note that the Brewery is currently bugged and doesn't display the added Mead you got from doing your research.
    This is however added to the total amount you produce.

    Once your mead storage is full the game will switch your brewery to a lower %. The game will make sure you are losing more mead than you are producing and thus pick a single % lower than what you need to be positive.'

    Once you start producing a lot of mead you can expect figures upwards of 500K mead at 50% for roughly 50k honey and 150k Food. This means 1% equals 10k mead. This by itself shouldn't pose a problem but it can lead to some rather tricky situations. For example:

    You produce 500K Mead and consume 501k, you are losing 1k mead an hour. But then you get hit and lose 2000 troops.
    Now you are at 500K production and 497k consumption, you are now producing 3k more than you are consuming and will soon have a full storage.
    Once your storage is full the game will lower your brewery by 1% to make sure you are once again, losing more than you are producing. Your brewery will now be set at 49% and produce 490k. Keep in mind you are still consuming 497k
    This means your negatives have gone from -1k to -7k. This will cause you to starve a lot earlier than you would want.

    Some tricks to partially get around this problem:
    When producing 500k, make sure you have the exact amount of troops you can feed (250k in this instance) and then remove 2 or so troops. This should put you at + 3 Mead and hour. Now send out roughly 95% of your Mead.
    This will result it it taking almost 50.000 hours to fill up your storage.

    If someone hits you now you will go from + 2 mead to + 4000 mead and have 20 hours until your storage is full and then another 15 or so hours until it's empty. Giving you plenty of time to change some values to prevent this from happening.

    If you want to play around with Mead but aren't quite there yet, consider checking out this spreadsheet I made.
    If you click here you will be taken to it and can then download a copy for yourself and fiddle around with it.

    Another Spreadsheet related to mead can be found here

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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 13.05.2021

    Ruby and Relic Building costs + What they do!

    Here is a spreadsheet that contains all the buildings with their price and effects. Link
    The spreadsheet contains 2 calculators in case the spreadsheet is being used by multiple people at the same time.
    I was also forced to put the calculations in to a separate spreadsheet to prevent people from snatching it, unfortunately this has slowed it down a bit.

    I still hope you all enjoy this spreadsheet.

    Edit: I have since changed it so the sheet is faster again. Enjoy :)

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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270

    Costs for Granaries

    Here is a spreadsheet that contains the costs of each level of your granaries. This calculators shows you exactly how many resources you need to get your  Granaries to level 30!

    Enjoy everyone!
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270

    Best ways to play the Beyond the Horizon event!

    For us none spending players, get yourself a City state and sell all of the decorative items within this castle.
    This should give you a fairly decent amount of coins. If you then keep or give this city state up and take another one you can keep building up your coins and your points. I suggest you use this as your main source of points as timing hits will be nearly impossible without rubies.

    Now for those who do spend money on the game, you'll be able to do some really fancy tricks here.
    I suggest you leave the city states to the smaller spending players in your alliance unless you are willing to spend rubies to speed up the waiting time on your City state so that you can capture more of them.

    About 12 hours before the point reset you will want to start sending out your delayed hits (no sooner than 12 hours, otherwise it won't work). There are 2 ways to find your targets.
    1. Check for weak alliances that have 0 points in their capital but do have city states or points in their main castles
      These alliances are unlikely to defend their capital but will have points.
    2. Attack every alliance between the top 30 and top 330 spot.
    The second method is obviously a lot less time consuming and often the method chosen by me.
    You will also want your hits to land shortly after the reset, this can be done in 2 ways, again, one taking more effort than the other.
    1. You can do an ordinary delayed hit, this will land somewhere between 00:30:01 and 00:30:59.
      This method is simple and fast but won't net you the best results.
    2. This is a little more complicated so hang with me. You will want to zoom your browser out to the point where you can see the in-game clock while you are in the attack screen, this clock is very important.
      You set up your 32 troop attack and navigate to the screen where you select your horse and delay your hits.
      Step 1: Select the coin horse
      Step 2: Compare the time shown as your travel time to the time remaining in the event (The in game clock I mentioned)
      Step 3: when the last digits (the seconds) of the travel time equal the last digits of the in-game clock you click on the button to delay your hit.
      Step 4: Set your hit to land at 00:30 (cet) and continue.
      Step 5: Send your attack and go to your next target.
    The second method will ensure you land in the first second after the reset and should net you the most amount of points.
    It will take about 1 minute for every attack so make sure you have plenty of time before starting.

    Bigger spenders should aim to hit with all 300 of their VIP commanders while smaller spenders can chose to use just 100 of them. It's up to you to decide which targets you are going to hit.

    If you only plan on sending hits like these I suggest you stay at a low level, the best strategy would be to take the 400k Ruby castle in to the event and stay at your current level. This ensures it's extremely difficult to take down your defenses but also costs quite a lot.

    Players who plan on sending bigger hits to clear main castles or capitals can chose to level their account to level 13 and then select XP points in their shopping cart so they get to level 70. This should costs roughly 50 Euros.
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270

    Guide to each version of the Outer Realms Event.

    Might Points:
    In this version your goal is to get as many might points from buildings as possible.
    For all the none spenders, I suggest you try to level up your account to level 13-18 and get yourself some outposts.
    You then fill these outposts completely with decorative items or level 2 Guardhouses. This should secure you a top 5000 position.

    For those of us who do do spend on this version of the event, I will give you some efficient ways of spending it.
    • 5 Euros: Buy the first pack during a 200% prime time and use the tokens to build yourself 2 relic woodcutters and 2 Conservatories at level 1 in your main castle and outpost.
    • 30 Euros: Go to level 13 without spending, then select XP in the shopping cart. Use the tokens you get from buying this to place relic buildings in all your castles in this order: 2 Relic woodcutters, 2 Conservatories, 2 Relic stone quarries, 2 greenhouses. You will run out of tokens before you have this in every castle but you can buy these in the Bestseller for rubies. I use my rubies to get these tokens. This will get you a top 500 position.
    • 100 Euros: For this price range you will get roughly the same items as for 30 Euros but you will be able to unlock a Fire peaks castle too! You can also use your rubies to buy more tokens and upgrade your Relic cutters and greenhouses to a higher level. This will get you a top 200 position or higher.
    • Spending more should only be needed to get you a top 100 or a top 10 position, the same steps still apply but you should look in to buying decorative items for rubies. However, these do come at a steep price point.

    Misty Castle:
    I haven't played this version or the other heritage versions too often and thus I will not be able to give you any really advanced stuff. However, I do know the basics and some tips and tricks.
    Hence why I will be giving a short list instead of a full guide.
    1. Make sure your main castle is full with your most expensive decorative items.
    2. Once the event has started, open it and sell your decorative items (you won't lose these on your main account)
    3. I suggest you join the event 5 or so minutes before the points get gathered, this ensures you have at least some points.
    4. Try to hit someone right before the reset after you have joined the event to get an edge over everyone else who joined right before the reset.
    5. Buy a cast and some defenders to defend yourself from smaller attacks.

    Position Swap
    This is arguably the easiest version if you have friends who aren't afraid to spend some money.
    This event is heavily based off first come first serve, the first person to join the event will be given the first place rank.
    Because of this I suggest that you try to join the event as soon as it gets here.

    If you do join late you will have to fight over a position, you will be able to hit anyone who's ranked higher than you and take their rank if you defeat them. Once you get a rank you are satisfied with it's a simple game of defending your castle.

    A strategy commonly used is getting a bigger player to defeat someone for you and then letting you take his rank.
    If you are playing with really big spenders they might event send defenders to your castle to help you defend.

  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 24.01.2021

    How to use the new Hall of Legends

    The new Hall of  Legends has a lot of cool new buildings for you to research and unlock. However, these don't come to you for free. You will need to unlock so called "Sceats" these are tokens that can be used to research everything in your HoL.

    These Sceats can be won from level 600 in the Kingdom League and since last month, in the Storm Island event.
    Unfortunately you will have to level up a bit more to be able to research all these cool new things, you can start doing so at level 650. But don't worry, you will need quite a lot of Sceats so these 50 levels won't be much of a hindrance. 

    When you completely your first research the game will only let you progress onwards if you meet all the requirements for the next research. These requirements have to be met in your main castle. Upgrading your keep in your outpost won't count for your Hall of Legends.

    An overview of how many Sceats everything upgrade on each rowcosts:
    1. 300 Sceats
    2. 250 Sceats
    3. 300 Sceats
    4. 350 Sceats
    5. 400 Sceats
    Total Amount of Sceats needed to finish the entire Sovereign Buildings tab is 4250.

    Next to the Sovereign Building tab you can upgrade your Mead consuming troops to level 10.
    You will first have to upgrade both of your attacking troops to level 10 in order to upgrade your defensive troops.

    These troops cost 200 sceats to get to level 1 and 150 sceats for each level after that.
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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 06.01.2021

    What the Sovereign Buildings do

    The Keep:

    This is a building upgrade and will increase your safe storage from 1000 to 2000

    The Storage
    This is once again a building upgrade and will allow you to hold 20k more of each resources + store Mead and Honey

    This building produce the wonderful Honey

    This building converts your Food and Honey in to some delicious Mead

    The Barracks
    This is a building upgrade and lets you recruit the new Mead troops

    The Hospital
    This is again a building upgrade and lets you hold 20 more troops than the previous level
    This is also the only building you do not have to upgrade in order to progress your research**

    The Towers
    These increase the troops you can hold on the wall by 5

    The Wall
    This upgrade increases your wall protection

    The Moat
    This upgrade increases your moat protection

    The Gate
    This upgrade increases your gate protection

    The Mead Distillery
    This is a brand new building that acts like the bakery we all love, but this one reduces your troops their Mead consumption!

    The Barrel Workshop
    This is quite a late unlock but this building drastically increases the amount of mead you can produce.

    The Honey Gardens
    This building is very similar to The Barrel Workshop but instead, this building increases your honey production by a lot.

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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 08.01.2021

    How Glory points work

    Each troop in the game has it's own glory value, this value is part of what determine how much glory you will receive from defeating it, but we will get to that later. First of, how is Glory calculated and why is Honor so important?

    Honor is calculated by taking the sum of all the defending troops their set gory value multiplying this by the sum of all of your glory bonusses apart from your Honor and then multiplying this all by your the glory boost you get from your Honor.

    To give you an idea of what these bonusses are, I will put them in a short list.
    1. Monument
    2. Marauder
    3. Research Pamphlets
    4. Research Minstril
    5. Merciless
    6. Hall of Legends
    7. Coat of Arms
    8. Glory Memorial and Booster
    9. Glory in Commander
    10. VIP
    11. Alliance
    12. Flags & Tools
    13. Alliance Subscription

    The base glory for each defensives unit you can encounter while attacking Foreign Invader castles:
    Scout of the Kingsguard
    Composite Bowman
    Veteran Composite Bowman
    Veteran Bowman
    Veteran Longbowman
    Veteran Speerman
    Veteran Hallebardier
    Seninel of the Kingsguard
    Flame bearer
    Veteran Flame bearer
    Swordsmen veteran

    A quick example:

    5000 longbowmen, 200 5% banners (nothing else, to keep it simple), 50% bonus glory from honor.

    (5000 * 1,670)*(1+1000%)*(1+50%) 

    Step 1: Multiplying the troops with the base glory value for them
    Step 2: 200 * 5% glory banners = 1000% 
    Step 3: Adding the percentage from your honor bonus.
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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270

    Account Levels progression:

    Level 6  - You have just unlocked your first castle relocation option
    Level 13 - Get going and get yourself an outpost
    Level 19 - Already time for a second outpost
    Level 30 - Show what you are worth in the Beyond the Horizon event
    Level 31 - Get your third and final outpost
    Level 31 - Get some gallantry in the berimond event
    Level 33 - Start having some fun in the shapeshifters event
    Level 35 - You can now compete in the storm islands event
    Level 70 - Have fun playing in the Outer Realms event
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270

    Some events require you to get a certain amount of points to receive alliance rewards

    These events are listed down below:
    1. The nomad invasion
    2. The foreign and bloodcrow invasion
    3. The storm islands
    4. The Samurai invasion
    5. The Berimond invasion
    The amount of points required are very little and you should be able to get these with minimal activity.
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 13.05.2021

    What happens when you lose an outpost?

    When losing a castle you will get some of your buildings back and you can find these in your storage.
    When losing an outpost to a capture attack you can expect these buildings to come back to you:

    Bakery, Storehouse and Hospital will stay in the outpost without being move the an inventory.

    Master Builder, Guardhouse, Stonemason, Floor mill, barracks level 15, stables level 2+, stronghold will go to the Outpost inventory WHEN THEY ART PLACE WITHIN A DISTRICT, otherwise they will stay in the outpost. Items on this inventory can only be placed within the outpost.

    Relic Farmhouse (both green and blue), Relic Bakery, Relic Quarry, Relic Woodcutter, Relic Storehouse, all districts, apiary lv1+ and brewery level 1+ will move to the players global inventory, can be placed anywhere.
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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    edited 14.01.2021

    Wheel of Unimaginable Affluence

    These are you chances at winning with the Wheel of Unimaginable Affluence

    1000Valkerie Ranger7.5%
    1000Protector of the North7.5%
    1000Valkerie Sniper7.5%
    1Affluence ticket15%
    1000King's Banner3.2%
    1000Viscount's Banner2.45%
    1000Emperor's Banner2%
    1000Royal Khan Chests3.2%
    1000Knight of Khan Chests2.45%
    1000Crown of Khan Chets2%
    1000Treasure of Berimond3.2%
    1000Rise of Berimond2.45%
    1000Savior of Berimond2%
    1000Chest of Samurai Tokens3.2%
    1000Case of The Shogun2.45%
    1000Chest of the Shogun2%
    1Undefined Equipment2.5%
    1Undefined Equipment2.5%
    1Undefined Equipment5%
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  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    Hello Everyone,

    It's me again, managed to finish the Food Production spreadsheet today.
    It's quite limited but I wanted to keep it simple, this means it will only allow you to select 1 level of build items.
    So either all of them are lvl 20 or lvl 21 etc. The same goes for the Granaries, however, the greenhouses can be set separately.

    I hope you all enjoy this one as I spent a lot of time creating it.


  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    Once more, a small update for you all to enjoy.

    I have created a spreadsheet that will tell you how many troops you need to add in order to get rid of your mead negatives.
    This can be quite tricky as it's not always easy to figure out when you can increase your brewery's work rate.

    Here it is:

    Make sure you download a copy for yourself and adjust the values in the left hand box.
  • PoseidonPoseidon Moderator Posts: 2,270
    Hello everyone, It's me again ;)

    Got another spreadsheet for you. This one lets you calculate the costs of the Relic Build Items that you can craft with Beyond the Horizon materials. 
    It's fairly easy to use, you first select the Build Item you want to see and then select the level at which you have it. (Level 0 if you don't have one yet). You then select the level you want the item to be at.

    Once you have done that you will see how much it costs in a little box on the left.

    Click here for the spreadsheet

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