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Discussion Thread: Blade Coast Returns



  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,367
    I need Underworld back for the achievement points, please bring Underworld back soon!!!!!
    If players actually play the Bladecoast event I am sure that other events in a similar vein will be considered.
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  • eibbed62 (AU1)eibbed62 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 394
    edited 31.01.2020
    I can't find the reward shop. There is only travelling merchant and mercenary shop out the front of my castle. Do I have to meet some conditions before the reward shop appears? and if not, where can I find it?

    Thanks in advance,

    edit: All good. I managed to find it. Apologies for the inconvenience
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  • Scandy (GB1)Scandy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 122
    Btw Phil asked about the duration of the look item, I'm sure he's seen it but for others - the 6 days and 23 hours doesn't start to tick down until you've won the item

    If there is a problem with the item please feel free to contact Support.
    No not a problem at all - Phil was wondering if the 7 days started when you entered the event and i clarified that the 7 days start when you actually complete the event (or i would guess technically when you defeat the Kraken)
  • The master 2 reward is the “Sundial is the cunning” power level 4



  • dliu3 (US1)dliu3 (US1) US1 Posts: 461
    What's behind the Kraken? :D
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    (thanks @Link c0p (GB1) )

    Can we talk about games thats not gge yet? Or is this still north korea?
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  • rotkiv (HU2)rotkiv (HU2) HU2 Posts: 569
    edited 31.01.2020

    The master 2 level prize is available for 7 days, but 12 hours written in the description.
    Which one is correct?

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  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    it lasts for 7 days

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  • Osiris (GB1)Osiris (GB1) GB1 Posts: 315
    edited 31.01.2020
    What's behind the Kraken? :D
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  • Scandy (GB1)Scandy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 122
    it lasts for 7 days

    And the weird thing is that the lvl 3 look item is counting down as i'm doing the event, whereas the lvl 2 item lasted 7 days from when i finished lvl 2. SO my comment about Phil's question, might have answered about the wrong look item.
  • Well on the one hand its good it came back, anything to add something to break up the endless cycle of nomads and FI on a loop.

    The downside is that i cant see any difference.  some new rewards non of which are any use whatsoever.  So unless you are a newbie there is gonna be zero point.

    I havent played the master level and seeing as i dont want anything in the rewards i dont see the point,  I am not really sure why it took so long to bring back a game that has had no changes to it though. 

    But i guess it gives us all something to do when hitting the kahn for the 500th time becomes tedius.

    And BTW 350,000 pearls for a 300 PO deco?  have you put 2 zeros on the end of that price by accident?

    Firstly I doubt there is many players in the game still need a 300 PO deco at this point.  You give 300 pearls out for farming a level 8 Convoy.  That will cost you approx 100 troops and  30 wooden ladders 10 wooden rams and 100 wooden mantlets.

    Including travel time thats approx a 6 hr travel /coolown time.  Assuming you hit over an 12 hr period thats 3 lots so approx 1800 pearls per day at a cost of 600 wood mantlets, 180 ladders and 60 rams and 600 troops.

    That would mean it would take you 194 days of the event. given the event lasts 10 days that 20 events to get 1 300 po deco, at a cost of 116,400 Mantlets, 35,000 wood ladders, 12,000 rams and wait for it 116,400 troops!!!

    If its one event every 3 months as it has been previously its going to take someone almost 5 years to save up for a single massivly out of date deco!!!!

    Of course you could probably knock that down to 2 years for the deco IF you hit the lower level convoys too but seeing as they give a much worse return on pearls / troops/ tools used you losses are goign to be much higher.

    I dont get it?  by the time i can afford to buy the deco I am guessing decos will all be 3000 PO +!!!!!!!!!!!

    the master levels are why you want to do the event. the first level is trash, you just need to get past it. the first master level offers a 7 day long appearance item for your comm with 25% flank and 25% front. the second master level has a 7 day long appearence item also for your comm with 25% flank, 25% front, and 2+ waves, which to me (i'm f2p) is really good cuz i dont need to spend thousands of rubies on it.  
  • Ama C (US1)Ama C (US1) US1 Posts: 20
    I am trying to complete the Blade Coast Mode 1 & 2; however, I have the 1 cargo ship and can't build more (thus, no fleet).  I have attacked and defeated Kraken 4 or 5 times without any change............the cool down is 10 hours.  What do I have to do to complete the exercise and receive the Achievement?  GGE is lousy regarding instructions.  Ama C
    Ama C @ usa 1
  • Ama C (US1)Ama C (US1) US1 Posts: 20
    After I posted the above comment, I had a tab in which I could leave and return as Master.  Everything shipped back to main and I had to start all over.................Why couldn't GGE have done that before I spend all those skips & lost troops; better yet, why couldn't I have gotten the tab to continue to Master and not have to start all over.  
    Communicate with your players GGE.  
    Ama C @ usa 1
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