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Unique (Red) or Heirloom (Blue), Castellan and Comander?

Who is a better Castellan and Comanter, a Red or a Blue? for same players it may be a stupid question.... But if you see videos about the game, for example from Breor47, you will see that he has Red and not so many Blue Castellans and Comanders. So wich one is better the Red or the Blue Castellan and Comander?


  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    Some of @Breor (US1)'s videos are falling out of date, sadly. I think they're mostly (if not all) from before there was any relic (blue) equip.
    The unique (red) equipment used to be the top tier stuff, but now most relic equipment (blue) is stronger. You'll see it has higher limits on melee and range combat strength, and it's easier to build strong, complete sets than with the red stuff.
    Unfortunately everything does look the same, though, so there is that downside.
    @dragon castel (INT3)
  • yes, that is true but the last videos of him, he talk but them. my point is that it worth to spent same money or Hans and samourai medals to bay a unique set equipment?
    @JYT (US1)

  • Depends. If the commander has a cooldown reduction, then only buy.
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    cooldown reduction only applies to hitting towers, so if you don't really do that, then don't buy Yule grinners.
    A maxed out relic commander is much more powerful than any red eq set, as I said earlier. If you want to buy outdated, less powerful equipment, go ahead and buy it. I can't stop you.
  • Breor (US1)Breor (US1) US1 Posts: 244
    Blue relic equipment is better.
  • Wow, Breor is alive. Yay!
  • ok. i understud. thenks all of you, who have anser my quastion....

  • ok. i understud. thenks all of you, who have anser my quastion....

    You are welcome :)
  • Malkiore (AU1)Malkiore (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1
    Is there anywhere that has a list of Blue Relic Castellans? I have 7 of them but is there an 8th I am not seeing?

    I have tried to search for a list of pictures of all the different Castellans for Relic but I cannot find any. I think I have all the Relic Commanders but I dunno. I have only 7 different ones there also. I was just curious about the Castellans because you can only have a max of 8 but being Storm Islands is a monthly thing I was not sure if the game just had 7 and not an 8th different one.

    If anyone knows I hope they let me know. Myabe take a screen shot if you guys have 8 different Castellans

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