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What is the Master Blacksmith?

How does the Master Blacksmith and how do you get the tokens to make purchases from it?


  • Tony C (INT1)Tony C (INT1) INT1 Posts: 76
    From the long term points event (Lotus King). So right now Nomads counts for that. Every so many points you will get a silver or gold token as a reward than you can them spend at the Master Blacksmiths.
    I can't remember if there's other ways of getting them also, but the LTPE is the main one.
    This way, you can choose the rewards you want, rather than just whatever the event gave you in the past.
    Just be aware many of the items have caps on how many you can buy until the next master blacksmith reset. So don't expect to stockpile your tokens and then buy 100 of the same item all at once.

    Tony C @ WWW 1
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 895
    It's a yellow(?) tent outside your castle where you can spend all the gold and silver tokens you win from events.
    I believe starting at level 70, almost all individual event rewards are replaced with silver and gold tokens, and you chose what you want to buy with them instead of being given various tools and troops willy-nilly.

    Gold tokens can buy various outdated equipment sets, old decos, and a handful of other things, as well as silver coins.
    Silver coins can buy fusion forge catalysts, upgrade decos, troops, tools, and construction materials, as well as a decent number of timeskips and VIP stuff if you haven't maxed that out already haha.
    Discord: JYT#1574
  • Reddin (US1)Reddin (US1) US1 Posts: 19
    edited 17.08.2020
    @JYT (US1) Okay thank you. So if I understand correctly it's basically useless unless you're level 70? 
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    Pretty much.  It gets worse for a while because at (I believe) lvl51 you start to get the gold/silver tokens instead of the rewards you had been getting, BUT you can't spend them in the smith shop.  Not sure if they changed that recently or not.
  • @Reddin (US1) It might sound a bit confusing, but let's take it like this: The blacksmith is about to refresh his stock and he has 1 day left. A player progresses to level 51 in the mean time. So he'll not see it. However, after it has been refreshed, he will be able to see it. As for purchases, the blacksmith shop is very bad at level 51-60. It doesn't have any troops or tools (as far as I remember). They add the ruby troops after level 60, and after level 70 they add the coin troops (elite guard) and the PvP tools (categorized as 'special tools'). So, after level 60, it isn't quite useless. As for how to earn them, you will get them from all individual event rewards (Glory events, Nomads, Berimond, Samurai (ahem) ). Out of these, you get the most points from the Berimond that appears in main kingdoms. The main event for gold pieces is the seasonal event, and you can get upto 10,000 gold pieces as an F2P, which isn't half bad.

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