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Commander Equipment Rebalance

In the olden times, Goodgame Empire equipment was based on mix 'n' match to get good combos of stats. Heroes also helped with this a great deal, giving a single disadvantage in addition to their bonuses, and giving some unique bonuses. However, with stat capping, and a focus on nine-piece sets, this mechanic has largely vanished. Most custom commanders these days revolve around the main uncapped stat: courtyard strength. For instance, a combination of the five-piece shadow king set with a courtyard gem and 3 specific master summoner gems gives a very good npc commander, with over 100% courtyard bonus and comparable fortification reduction to the very powerful desert sorceress npc commander. However, we no longer see many sneaky commanders, many fire commands. At best we might see some destruction commanders, but these are rare, as they are weak on the attack, and when you lose an attack, nothing's going to break.

Relic equipment was promising at the start, but has glaring issues. They are also stat capped, but at a higher cap than other equipment. This means that relic equipment can ultimately be far stronger than anything else. And it's not even that hard to get these days! In addition to that, these pieces, excluding heroes and gems, all have two set stats, as well as one random stat. E.G. weapons all have + 80-90 ranged and +80-90 melee strength, plus one random bonus. Relic heroes are better, with three stats specific to attacking a certain kind of target, and random stats for such things as tool speed and loot capacity. Relic gems are probably the most random of the bunch, and can provide a variety of stats, from specific target combat strength, to flank space, to really high courtyard bonuses (making relic equipment even more enticing, remember, no cap on courtyard).

SO! What could be done to fix this? 

1): Match relic and regular stat caps.
     This makes relic equipment no longer the unquestionable best around, and if the cap for regular equipment is raised to the relic level, we might find some new and interesting custom commanders.

2): THE BIGGIE: New equipment tier
     Make a new equipment tier, which for the sake of discussion I will refer to as "Transcendent". This would behave very similarly to legendary equipment, with 3 random stats, though in greater strength than legendary. This equipment would follow the stat cap, so where's its advantage? This transcendent equipment would have some very notable advantages over relic and unique, as well as some disadvantages. For instance, how should it be obtained? I think it would be foolish to add it to npc tower loot, as those are very easy to farm, and really shouldn't drop equipment or gems at all. Alliance smithy works well with relic gear, at least in my opinion, so that's out. Rank rewards make it far too exclusive. I think the best way to get it is this: add a new event tent which pops up for three days every other week or something like that. In this tent you could trade in samurai tokens, khan tablets and khan medals for a chance of transcendent gear, with the chance being improved on one option by your glory title, and on the other by your gallantry title. In addition, this tier would work with any non relic gems, similarly to unique and legendary equipment. Now for some stats. 

As stated above, these would have 3 bonuses, like legendary equipment, but at these rates.

Melee/ranged combat strength: 15-40%
Wall/Gate/Moat Reduction: 15-45%
Building destruction: 2%
Fire damage: 10-18%
Looting: 20-40%
Speed: 12-35%

Heroes would receive two bonuses and one debuff from a special pool.
Hero bonuses

+1 wave
+20-30% speed
+15-45% loot

Against either player or npc targets
+10-35% flank/front space
+10-20% combat strength (all)
+10-45% courtyard
+1 wave

Hero Debuffs

-10-25% melee/ranged strength

Against either player or npc targets
-10-20% melee/ranged strength in the courtyard
+10-15% Wall/Gate/Moat defense
-5-15% combat strength (all)

Example pieces

Transcendent weapon of the bowman:

+ 33% ranged combat strength
+16% fire damage
+30% wall reduction

Charmer (Transcendent) [hero]

+1 wave
+22% combat strength in the courtyard of npc targets
-12% melee soldiers combat strength

PS: never mind castellans for now

Thank you for reading this hefty post


  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 851
    Neat idea but courtyard IS capped, at 80% generic CY for relic coms. Which, when combined with up to 150/150 stats, puts relic gear way above any of the old eq. Add in the fact that, by design, relic commanders also come with big reduction bonuses, and speed bonuses, and everything else pretty much falls on its face.

    Anyway before relic gear, I and many others focused more on flank space than courtyard, because super high flank space was the best way to break the wall, and secure that juicy 30% CY boost, in addition to bringing in more soldiers to fight. CY only helps in the CY, flank helps both CY and 2/3 of the wall.

    1) From what I understand, you suggest that normal eq caps be lifted to match relics? Interesting idea, but I doubt you'd see anyone using it. Many red eq sets are pretty much useless if you split them up anyway. At best, you'd see sub70 players trade some melee for extra range combat strength on some npc coms, since relics are just too good for any 70+ to pass up.

    We don't see sneaky coms anymore because they're obsolete--it's a pretty simple matter to put together a relic com with 90 speed and 90 late detect or close to those caps. I recall the old sneaky com with two invader pieces and three woodland spirit or whatever it was, but that had worse melee/range stats anyway.

    tl;dr GGS dug themselves into an eq pit where relic stuff basically just maxes out every stat they have. I started worrying about this back before power levels on red eq, when seasonal ltpes gave super sexy 5/9piece sets. I've seen players running around with, presumably, ruby bought relic sets that just max out everything. Aside from raising the caps/a total eq overhaul, im not sure what we can expect.
    Discord: JYT#1574
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