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Can't demolish some buidlings?

HumboldtusHumboldtus Posts: 16
edited 24.01.2013 in Players ask Players
I notice on some buildings it does not give me the option to demolish. Are there some types of buildings, when once created, cannot be demolished?
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Humboldtus @ usa 1


  • nucks2nucks2 Posts: 135
    edited 29.12.2012
    Taverns, estates, keeps, towers and gates can't be demolished. The bakery (ruby building only) can be demolished but you get nothing for it. There may be other ruby buildings that can't be demolished or give you nothing if they do allow it but I don't have them and can't tell you.
    nucks @ usa 1
  • Dragonite1234Dragonite1234 Posts: 3
    edited 23.01.2013
    I want to demolish a tavern but can't.
    Dragonite1234 @ en 1
  • Vastan (INT3)Vastan (INT3) Posts: 550
    edited 23.01.2013
    Why on earth would you want to demolish a tavern???
    White Hayes @ en 1
  • edgeeeedgeee Posts: 60
    edited 24.01.2013
    Why on earth would you want to demolish a tavern???

    Let's drink to that.
    edgeee @ usa 1
  • Storm051 (CZ1)Storm051 (CZ1) CZ1 Posts: 5
    Why on earth would you want to demolish a tavern???
    Because he want's space???
  • Kyriakos (GB1)Kyriakos (GB1) GB1 Posts: 140
    Get rid of dwellings for space, not taverns.
    ~~ Kyriakos

    War Marshall at Odin's Fury

  • I believe if you message Support, they can delete it for you. This is just what I've heard, not 100% positive. 
    If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

  • Your spies can be accessed from the taverns. The non-demolish buildings are there to help you with the game
    Marty Maurder @ en 1
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