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  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 710
    been on her for years now , can't remember ceasefires for elections disasters and apart from xmas that's probably one of only ones i can remember. as for central hands up if you don't agree with ceasefire go hit some of the alliances which are in ceasefire. 
    central alliance does not hit anyone in ceasefire or blue. but you don't agree with ceasefire so hit players which are in blue instead of coming on here and moaning. 
    alright mate, i aint moaning  :D lol just pvp is dying slowly
    :smile: well you don't have to follow the rules , play the game how you want to play it. that's all i'm saying 
    attack someone and they will respond with a return then you can have pvp all the time. 
  • Issy0912 (INT2)Issy0912 (INT2) INT2 Posts: 8
    When I first saw this topic, I thought someone was worried about the spread of Covid19 around the empire - if only a ceasefire could sort out bugs and viruses on GGE :-D

    I'm a postman in real life, working 10 -12 hour shifts 6 days a week at the moment to cover absence, increased in workload and following social distancing guidelines (I know my work is not as critical as a nurse on the front line, but it is deemed as key) ...   This game is a step away from the manic situation outside and if I get bombed out in game, that is part of the game....  When I get time I will repay the favour to the player/s who attacked me - this is a normal reaction in game and my mindfullness, which is what I want after a long shift.

    To sum up - if getting blown up/ destroyed/ taken advantage of/ etc in a war game, upsets you - because you were unable to do anything about it because you were doing other things and couldn't react - then maybe another game would be more suited to you.   Being blown up/ destroyed/  taken advantage of is all part of the game.....  maybe, alliance mates, who are social isolating and probably online more, should stick up for their absent comrades.

    What a laugh:-D

    Issy0912 @ WWW 2
  • Hands up (GB1)Hands up (GB1) GB1 Posts: 347

    I attacked someone who I thought wasn't in the ceasefire but turns out they were and I got so many complaints I will n't attack anyone till it is over.

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